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Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.portable
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Portable Addiction: 15-Sep-91 #005
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:45:31 1992

Contributed By: Andy Norman 

               PORTABLE ADDICTION #05  15 SEPTEMBER 1991
      Newsletter for Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear and Atari Portfolio
  Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heymens Visser ..... (Editor)
  Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl ............. (Editorial Assistant)
  Mr. Portfolio ....................... (Portfolio staff writer)

  Thanks to:  Andre "ALU" Luyer  (for allmost getting himself shot while
              he was in Moskow),  Mr.Doom,  Decoder,  Robert Jung,  Fun-
              tronics shop, Bart Smit shop.

   Once again the editor is on vacation,  so once again it was my job to
  put this newsletter together. Luckily, next month it's my turn to take
  some vacation, so then I'll be coming to Florida.  Anyway, although we
  are quite late with it, we finally are able to publish some of the hot
  news from the CES in Chicago.   Most of the American readers will pro-
  bably already know these things,  but our readers in Europe might not.
  Anyway,  this  issue is rather  short due to  the absence of the Jerk.
  Enough editorial crap for now!  Read and enjoy!

                                              Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl
                                              Editorial Assistant
   Sorry guy's  I'm here too. This is the start of  another year of hard
  work, so we are starting to get settled now. 
  Luckaly we have  a big Portfolio section and we  prommise we will have
  a lot more reviews on games in the next issue. 
  This is the sixth issue of Portable Addiction. So we're supposed to be
  celebrating  something, but we won't.  We will save the  big party for 
  our first Lustrum. 
  Well, after half a year of blood, sweat and tears,and a lot more is to 
  be expected, we have still a lot to improve.
  So watch out in the next few month, we will do a lot more!

                                         Tjerk "Megajerk" Heijmens Visser

                        HOT (?) NEWS AND GOSSIP

  Atari:  As you might know, Atari was not to be found at the CES.  They
         were, however, at the Barclay Hotel. There they showed a proto-
         type of the Jaguar,  the 64bit games console.  Furthermore they
         we showing of their latest Lynx titles.  It will make you happy
         to know that the titles of the following  list are either beta-
         versions or finished versions!

         Gridrunner, NFL Football, Rolling Thunder, Toki, Golf challenge
         Baseball, Hard Drivin', STUN Runner, BasketBrawl, Hockey, Cabal
         Checkered Flag, Ishido, Dirty Larry, World Class Soccer, Turbo-
         Sub, Scrapyard Dog,  Tournament Cyberball,  Xybots, Lynx Casino
         and Viking Child!

  NES:    Although  Nintendo  succeeded in  stopping the  release of the
         Game Genie for a long time, they lost in Canada where the Genie
         is now widely available. In the first two weeks of release over
         75.000 Genies were sold!

  Sega:   Ballistics has released  Star Control,  which is  the first 12
         megabit cartridge. Renovation have release  numerous 8  megabit
         cartidges like Gaiares, Valis III,  Arcus Odyssey and DinoLand.

  Origin: Although this is a console mag, most readers own a PC too.  We
         though  people might  be interested in knowing that Origin have
         at last finished Wing Commander II.  They also showed of Strike
         Commander, which uses the same routines as Wing Commander.  And
         they also  had a demo of  their probably  most  eagerly awaited
         title:  Ultima VII, The Black Gate!!!!

  NES:    Soon  to be  released titles are  King's Quest (from Sierra!),
         RoboCop 3, Rocketeer, Mig 29, Chip's Challenge,  PGA Tour Golf.
         For there  GameBoy there'll  be Turrican, Star Wars,  Prince of
         Persia,  Who Framed Roger Rabbit,  Faceball  2000,  Dick Tracey
         and more!

  Lynx:  Pac-Land Ninja Gaiden and A.P.B. have all  been released in the 
         US and reached  Europe almost immediately. Atari keep releasing 
         games at this rate !!!!

GameBoy: SuperText had a review of Bill and Ted's exellent adventure for 
         the GameBoy(SuperText is the teletext service of SuperChannel).

                          +----LYNX Review----+
  Everybody knows A.P.B. from the arcades, and now the Lynx version has 
  finally been released.  The Lynx version is not only fun,  but it has 
  also great speech. About half of the 256K card is used for the speech!
  Officer Bob drives his car through the city to keep it safe. Each day 
  he has to  meet his quota, the  quota consists of  various violators,
  like litterbugs and murderers,but he also has to give hitchers a lift,
  avoiding getting  demerits. You get demerits for bumping into things.  
  There are nine different violators,each with their destinctive sounds.
  While you chase them, you have to eat  donuts for extra time, and you 
  have to stop  at a gas-station  for fuel. At some  gas-stations there 
  are shops where you  can get free upgrades  every other day.  You can 
  buy things like extra speed, better  brakes and guns. You'll need the
  speed and brakes  on higher levels to catch  the A.P.B.s. There are a 
  fifteen  different A.P.B.s on sixteen to  thirty levels  (The posters 
  don't say how many levels there are, but there are different reports.
  I haven't finished  the game yet, so I  don't know, but it will be in 
  the next issue.), so you won't finish this game in one night.

  The controls are very easy and direct. The joypad is used to steer, B 
  is used to give gas and with A you can arrest the crooks.But the game  
  is too  sensitive for collisions,  especially when you  touch another 
  The graphics are nice, the cars are detailed and the screens with the
  chief are fun.  I like the part  when you get  pulled out  of the car 
  when you have too many demerits the best.
  The sounds are  really impressive, the voices are not  as good as the 
  Klax voices but they are good (better than the voices in RoadBlasters)
  and there is a bigger variety of cries and yell's (Who me?, Get lost,
  Yes sir,  Where's the  gas-station? etc.).  Even the  mumbling of the 
  chief is well done.
  So far the  game has been great,  but ofcourse it has some flaws too.
  You have to start  all over when you get fired,  well I haven't found
  a restart yet. That is another thing,  the new games have got posters
  instead of booklets  (Yes, now Dutch Lynxists will fall victim to the
  bad manual syndrome too!!:-). Everybody agrees with the fact that the
  posters lack information, they are not very detailed.
  At least  I found  out how you can  speed up the  screens between the 
  levels.  Press button A, and the  screens will pass  at double speed, 
  press  B and  they will  pass at  triple speed, for  quadrouple speed
  press A and B at once.

          Graphics    - 7.5 : Distinctive cars, no blur.
          Sound       - 8.7 : Good speach, various sentences
          Playability - 6.8 : Logic controls, game has good 
          Lastability - 8.0 : Not too hard to get in to, and 
                              keeps the difficulty level up
                              during the game.
          Overall     - 8.5 : A perfect blend between good 
                              sound, addictive gameplay and
                              it won't be finished fast.

                          +---LYNX  Preview---+
                             Checkered  Flag

  Every gaming system needs a racing game, and the Lynx doesn't have one.
  As RoadBlasters isn't a real racing game and it will take a while till
  Hard Driven' will be released, and that also is not a real racing game.

  Checkered Flag has nice features.  Like Warbirds you can make the game 
  as easy or as hard as you want. You can make a practice run, drive one 
  race on one track  or drive a whole season  and there are 18 tracks to
  choose from. Though you can only race against up to nine opponents you
  are able to choose the race distance( 1 to 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 laps). 
  The start-grid can be randomly determined,or you can take a qualifying
  run. Your car can have a 4-speed automatic, 4-speed manual, or 7-speed 
  manual transmission. So you can feel like Nige when you beat the Lynx,
  or your six friends. A nice touch is the fact  that you can choose the
  color of your car out of ten colors.

  Now for the race:  You view your car from behind, with your dash panel 
  (speed and gear) and side-view mirrors  on the bottom of the screen. A 
  road map at the top of the screen shows the course and the position of 
  everyone in the race like when you watch a Formula-1 race on tv. There
  are many roadside obstacles, like trees, cacti, rocks, cows, and signs 
  (Lynx game ads naturally). Hitting an obstacle costs time as you build
  your speed up, and hitting another car causes you both to spin out and 
  lose speed, as in normal racing games. 

  It is said  that the game has good sound effects more  than the normal
  screaming tyres. But it is also rumoured that the track editor will be
  skipped, but while it is  reported that it has a 6 or 8 player ComLynx 
  capability, nobody will start whining.

                          +--GAMEGEAR Review--+
                             Dragon Crystal
  Dragon Crystal is a  roleplaying game, like Gauntlet.  It is the first
  RPG for the GameGear.
  You objective  is to find  the transporter  which will beam you to the
  next world. The game uses a forced  3-D perspective, so there is a bit
  of depth, but not much.
  As you go through the  four stages you will find things, like potions,
  swords, scrolls and rings. Gold can also  be found, if you get enough, 
  you will get a better character or even a continue option.
  The graphics are not impressive at all. The only thing you see is your
  character,plants as obstacles and the enemies (like killer fruits, WOW)
  and a 1 color background (greenish).The plants are also not impressive
  there is only one kind per level, that makes it very dull. The enemies
  are ugly, not that they look ugly, but they are not well drawn.
  Luckaly the gameplay  is a lot better. The controls are  good and easy 
  to understand.  A nice thing  is that you can  cut a path  through the 
  plants around you with the sword. So you'll always have a way out.
  The rest of the game is more or less a standard RPG like the HitPoints
  (100 per trip),so there is not much new or extrodinary about this game.
  The sound is good, it has  a catchy tune, but it lacks  sound effects.
  Again it  is nothing special,  it is not bad at all, but the designers 
  could have spent more time on the effects. 
  Well it is the first RPG on the Game Gear (there isn't even one on the
  Lynx), so it is well worth  trying for newcomers to  the Game Gear and 
          Graphics    - 5.0 : Not much depth, only one kind of 
                              plant in the background.
          Sound       - 6.0 : Catchy tune, but not much effects 
          Playability - 7.3 : Good controles, hunt for gold
                              becomes fun.
          Lastability - 7.5 : A bit too easy for the RPG enthu-
                              siast, but gameplay will be good
                              for the beginners, and thus be
          Overall     - 6.4 : Gameplay saves the game, rest is
                              not so impressive.
                           Screen Scene Europe

   Let's have another look at that wonderful market of consoles.   Well,
  Nintendo is now in quite a bad position here!  As for there's no hand-
  held PC-Engine here, there are only three portable gaming systems left
  to buy: the GameBoy, the GameGear and of course the Lynx.  The Lynx is
  known here as the ultimate gaming system by most people,  so there are
  quite some people  who own one.  Then there's  them people that'd like
  to have one, but just can't afford one. These people buy the GameGear.
  All this leaves the GameBoy nowhere!  Although in the European console
  war it's a case of "every man for himself",  Sega and Atari users have
  been shaking hands at the defeat of the GameBoy.   The GameBoy will of
  course still be sold, but the market for it is slowly fading.

   There still is  one thing in the way,  though!  It's called  England!
  The English people seem to keep standing in the way of  Console Evolu-
  tion, by holding on to  their GameBoys!   I don't know what it is, but
  these  morrons don't seem to  notice that the Boy is inferior to every
  other system.  Even a ZX-Spectrum can do better!!!!!!!  I've made more
  playable games on my Portfolio!!!  And still these guyz keep on saying
  that the Boy is the best value for money!?!?!  Well, in Europe the Boy
  is generaly $25,- cheaper than the Lynx. And look what you get for the
  extra 25 bucks!  Superb sound (in comparison to the Boy, that is), the
  best graphics on any portable  system AND the fastest MC used in these

   Now we are opening a debat!    If you think you have a strong opinion
  about the Gear, Boy or Lynx,  send it in!  We'll print the best of it.

                              Marketing ???

  Atari has allways  been criticized for it's  bad marketing,  but Atari
  used to be THE brand for computergames.  Now that was a while ago, for
  the youngsters of today  Nintendo is what  Atari used to  mean for the 
  youngsters  of the seventies.  But now people are getting  fed up with
  Nintendo's price  fixing so they turn  to Sega,  which has done things
  well.  They have good marketing,  lots of games for their  systems and
  they are reliable.
  Nintendo has all those things too,but the price fixing and the nearing
  death of the Game Boy caused a bit  of concern. But the SNES will save
  Nintendo  might be accused  of price fixing,  but they take care after
  their customers.  Not only do they  release alot  of games, the  Dutch
  Nintendo club has started a  Nintendo-infoline.  If you have questions
  about a game, or if you're stuck, you can call them. And this thing is
  running well too, they have eight phone lines open for six days a week
  and about a thousand callers a day. The club itself has fifty-thousand
  members and they are expecting to have two-hundred-thousand members by
  the end of the year. Now these figures might not impress you, but Hol-
  land has only fifteen million inhabitants. So don't expext there to be
  more than a million consoles.
  So that's good service, something  that Atari has never heard of, but
  at least they  started placing  some good adds,  but that didn't last 
  long. Sega however is  showing some  good commercials on  MTV for the 
  Mega Drive  and Game Gear. Sega places adds in  almost all the gaming 
  mags  for the  Game Gear,  but Atari  didn't do  anything.  The Atari 
  Adventure booklet wasn't placed in magazines widely available in Hol-
  Everybody knows  that the Lynx was  developed by Epyx, and  bought by 
  Atari.  So how good the  Lynx may or may not be,  it's not because of
  Does this mean that Atari is lost forever?
  Who knows, but at least Sega is doing things well.

                            Lynx Game Ratings

   As we could not get hold of the Game Ratings Report,  we have no new 
  standings. So the new games like A.P.B. are not in the list.

  We are using the results from the VIDEO GAME RATINGS REPORT. 

  RANK      TITLE          VOTES CAST           

 1) 9.2   Warbirds             4        N S
 2) 9.0   Klax                44          B C
 3) 8.7   Zarlor Mercenary    18
 4) 8.5   Fidelity UCC         2        N B 
 5) 8.4   Shanghai             8          B
 6) 8.0   Chip's Challenge    62          B
 7) 8.0   Road Blasters       27            C
 8) 8.0   Xenephobe           29            C
 9) 7.5   Slime World         44
10) 7.3   Rampage             11            C
11) 7.2   Blue Lightning      60          S
12) 6.7   Rygar                9
13) 6.5   Gates of Zendocon   52
14) 6.5   RoboSquash          15
15) 6.4   California Games    75
16) 6.4   Ms. Pacman          14            C
17) 6.0   Electrocop          54
18) 6.0   Block Out            1          *
19) 5.7   Gauntlet III        50
20) 5.7   Paperboy            15            C
If rate is equal, rank is based on the number of votes cast.
If more votes are cast, the number is more reliable.
N= New
B= Brains needed 
S= Simulator
C= Coin-op
* The original report said "Blood Money" but we think it is "Block Out".


                             By Russ Campbell

Fellow Atari Portfolio Owners:

I promised that I would do a writeup on Atari Canada's BBS, and as it
is back online, well here it is.

Last month there was a typo in my net address, it is as follows:

russ@wcbcs.UUCP  (Russ Campbell) AKA Mr. Portfolio

Note that following the report on the BBS, there is an updated file
list as well as a list of commercial files that are available for
the Portfolio.

The following text is taken from Atari Canada's BBS, various screens.
My comments will be prefixed with a ">" ... Mr. Portfolio.

>ya gotta log in first !

Scanning user file ...

Atari Welcomes you...

> Telephone #s and logon instructions as below:

    24 hours per day, 7 days a weeks on 2 nodes.

    1.  416-479-2169 BBS Toronto Line, due to modem fault this is NOW
        1200 bps temporarily.

    2.  Datapac - if you are from out of town you may access this
        service without charge by looking up your datapac phone number
        in the white pages. When connected enter:

>   3.  If you are calling from outside Canada, you may be able to
>       connect to Datapac through Tymenet or one of the other nets

                      PROF 3[cr]

    Please enjoy your stay with use. Comments are welcomed.


> Atari Canada BBS News

BBS NEWS - August 6
Datapac Update:

   NEW LOGON PROCEDURE gives you much FASTER performance.

   See BBS info to read the NEW procedure or download the text file.

Press [RETURN] to continue

MAIN MENU                                       National ON LINE Services
   M  Mail...                           B  BBS info/options...
   F  Files & Info...                   P  Page sysop
                                        N  News - August 12

                                        R  Groups...
<- G  Logoff

Select: B

> As you can see, they support mail from users on the BBS, there is
> info on the various user groups in Canada, BBS info, Atari News
> and of course files and info.

BBS Information
   U  User's Profile                    D  Datapac Logon (NEW)
                                        Z  Download Logon Text File
<- Q  MAIN Menu

Select: D
The following provides much FASTER performance. 

The following "set" string should be sent to datapac and can be easily
assigned to a function key. Almost all terminal programs can have
characters assigned to a key.
SET 1:0,3:0,4:4,5:2,6:0,7:0,9:0,13:0,21:0[cr]

Characters are echo'd much faster, ZModem downloading has been tested at
about 210 cps. ZModem uploading has been tested successfully. We have not
tested the system at 1200 baud, only 2400 baud.

Ultimately we will be able to automatically set up your datapac port
but in the interim the above will provide you with a remarkable

MAIL SERVICE                                                06 remaining
   SEND to Atari:  P  Post              U  User List
        to Other:  E  Enter             S  Scan
                                        B  Browse
                   R  Read -->          A  Areas to Read (important)
<- Q  Main Menu

> the mail area is quite good. So far Atari has a message base for 
> questions to Atari, a general message base , and a midi base     
  1 (ON ) Atari                           2 (ON ) General                     
  3 (OFF) MIDI                          

> Files are available on Atari's BBS, the file areas are listed
> below. The main area that I will deal with is the Portfolio area
> as it is the biggest so far.
> The lists that I send out for the Portfolio come from this area, 
> the Portfolio section.

   S  ST...                             P  Portfolio...
   M  MEGA...                           D  DOS...
   T  TT...
<- Q  MAIN Menu

> Atari has added a new item to thier BBS, the list of official users
> groups in Canada. They are listed by province.

   U  USER Groups...
   M  MIDI...
<- Q  Main Menu

>  The following information comes from the Portfolio section on the
>  BBS, it lists some of the commercial software that is available
>  for the Portfolio.

16  Hard drive supplier for Portfolio
15  Golf ScoreCard
14  Magnetic Card Reader
13  Portfolio Specifications
12  20 MB Hard drive for the Portfolio
11  512K RAM Cards
10  Flight Planning and DUATS terminal access software
09  Fastpay payroll accounting software
08  PBase data base software
07  Physician- complete package, VAR opportunity software
06  Chequewriter, expense accounting software for the businessman
05  Stock simulation game for professionals
04  Terminal program with many extra features
03  Timekeeper, professional time tracking system software
02  Telephone Dialer for the Portfolio software
01  PIM (Personal Information Manager) with working demo, windows etc.
    The system can be customized by the developer to capture data in
    the field or extend office accounting.
List prompt 16:
Portfolio Hard Drives                                         May 23, 1991
                         FLASHDRIVE FOR THE PORTFOLIO
                                 by Don Thomas

         I am excited to report that a Tustin, California firm has
         released a Portfolio version of their portable hard disk
         drive. The product is called Flashdrive, and is available in
         capacities from 20 to 430MB.

         The Flashdrive 25 is only 1.5" high and weighs less than 1.5
         pounds including the internal rechargeable batteries. Mr.
         Steven E. Schlanger, President of BSE, reports that BSE
         dealers can configure a portable Flashdrive 25 with 20MB for
         $499, or a desktop model 35 with 40MB for only $399. The
         total cost for a portable computer system with hard disk will
         cost about half of a comparable Poqet arrangement!

         The only change to the popular Flashdrive, according to BSE,
         is a new device driver to accommodate the Portfolio's Smart
         Parallel Interface. This device driver is available from BSE
         directly, or you can download it from the Atari SIG of
         popular On-Line services. Adding the Smart Parallel
         Interface, which retails for less than $50, is all that is
         needed to interface the Portfolio to the Flashdrive. Required
         cables and software are provided with the unit.

         The Flashdrive is the perfect solution for applications
         requiring large amounts of data transfer, data storage,
         security and archiving. Such applications may include access
         to extensive MLS listings in the real estate industry and
         product specifications for outside sales personnel.

         For more information or to place an order, call your local
         dealer or BSE directly at (714) 832-4316. Their FAX number is
         (714) 832-5381. Write to them at 14701 Candeda Place, Tustin,
         CA  92680.

List Prompt:15 
Golf ScoreCard                                                May 15, 1991
LinksCard (TM) is a powerful and dynamic golf scorecard, game analysis
and records system for the Portfolio.

Statisics are compiled from each game played and analysed by course and
owner to help you plan your course strategy and improve performance.

 * Auto scorecard preparation (1 to 4 players)
 * Match, Stroke, Skins
 * Private game in addition to main event
 * Define course once, any number of courses
 * Quick entry of strokes, putts optional
 * Minimum on course keystrokes
 * Pick-UP (let LinksCard determine strokes
 * You play statistics, individual and course
 * Next Hole statistics for strategy
 * Retain any number of old scorecards
 * Easy correction
 * Print scorecard
 * Exceptions handles with ease:
     change players, competition, start fee
     partners, handicap, course alteration etc.
 * Easy to understand
 * Includes a tutorial

   Olympic Computer Systems
   13 Farrier Place
   Castle Hill
   NSW 2154

List Prompt:14 
Magnetic Card Reader                                        April 17, 1991
Datacos Pty of Sydney, has announced the development of a magnetic card
reader for the Portfolio. The product includes a swipe magnetic card
reader and software package that allows the Portfolio to directly access
the reader without any additional circuitry.

The software can be accessed by applications developed for the Portfolio,
the reader has a universal mounting allowing track 1, 2 or 3 to be read.
The reader attaches to the serial interface making a secure connection
while maintaining the portability of the computer. Power for the reader
comes from the serial port and draws just 3ma current.

Magnetic Cards are widely used for recording information where security
is important, such as credit cards, membership cards and access control.
The MA102 provides a means of capturing the information on a low cost
portable computer.

Applications for the Atari Portfolio with MA102 include EFTPOS devices,
tracking membership in clubs, capturing client information at exhibitions
and access for control for business and government.


  Card Reader typr Panasonic ZU-1402NU
  Head Life 300,000 passes
  Software 4K


   Datacos Pty Limited
   Unit A11
   4 Central Avenue
   Thornleigh NSW 2120
   Phone 02 980 6711
   Fax   02 980 6652

List Prompt:13 
Portfolio Specifications:
Processor           80C88, 4.9152 MHz
RAM                 128K including internal RAM configured
                    disk (from 8K size)
ROM                 256K containing BIOS, operating system
                    and applications
Screen              Graphics LCD supertwist technology,
                    Software controlled contrast
                    MDA text compatible
                    40 columns, 8 lines
                    Graphics 240 x 64 pixels
Keyboard            63 keys, PC compatible, buried
                    numeric keypad and function keys
Sound               Speaker with DTMF dialing capability
Mass Storage        memory Card 32-128K
Power               3 penlite (4-6 weeks use)
                    Optional 117V adaptor
Expansion Port      60 pin Pocket PC expansion BUS
Memory Expansion    RAM epansion to 640K
Accessories         RAM Expansion modules
                    PC Card Driver
                    Serial Port
                    Parallel Port
Applications        In ROM

List Prompt:12 
20 Megabyte Hard Drive

20Meg Hard Drive for the Portfolio. Housed in a durable 3/4" high cradle,
this drive operates on rechargeable batteries,includes a 512K RAM
expansion and optional serial and parallel ports. 

   Call XoteriX
   (818) 888-7390.  

   $899.00 USA


List Prompt:11 
512K RAM Expansion

Expand your Portfolio's operating RAM to 636K. Use extra RAM for internal
storage or added application flexibility. Easily connects to the
expansion bus of the Portfolio and retains data with its own battery.

NOTE: Added RAM does not necessarily offer the ability to run existing
MS-DOS software which has not been modified to account for battery
conversation and an LCD screen. 

   Call XoteriX 

   $299.00 USA


List Prompt:10 

Paragon Technologies announces the introduction of two aviation software
packages for the Atari Portfolio:

The FX-3 will turn your Atari Portfolio into a DUATS
(Direct User Access Terminal  System) terminal and flight
calculator.  With the FX-3 software and a portable, battery operated
modem the size of a cigarette pack (also available from Paragon) you can
access DUATS services to obtain a weather briefing, file a flight plan
or access the many other flight services.  Your session can be saved to
an electronic log and then later reviewed at your own pace.  The FX-3
can be used as a general purpose communications program to access
CompuServe and other information services while you're on the road.  A
unique 80 character by 25 line Quasi-Static emulation enhances the
Portfolio's capabilities.  The flight calculator provides TAS(True Air
Speed), WIND, RATE, FUEL and WEIGHT & BALANCE calculations.


If it takes you more than 60 seconds to plan your flight, you need the
FX-4 Flight Planner.  Featuring a full U.S. navigational database, the
FX-4 makes flight planning quick and easy.  The FX-4 will automatically
generate detailed leg by leg trip plans for you in seconds.  You may
specify the route yourself or let the FX-4 choose a set of navaids along
an optimal great circle route.  You can locate the twenty closest
airports or navaids from your current airport or navaid automatically.
Flight plans can also be reversed or stored in memory for later recall.
If you're a renter, you will also appreciate being able to store
multiple aircraft performance files for later recall.

     - Full North American and Caribbean Navigational Database.
     - Every public use airport in the U.S. - paved, turf, and water.
     - Detailed Leg-by-Leg Trip Plan
     - Optional 56 day update service

Contact Paragon Technologies at 1-800-255-9411.

List Prompt:09 

   Fastpay will help you with your payroll tasks. It keeps a 
   record of every employee, paid amount for up to 5 benefits
   and deducted amounts for up to 10 deductions.

   It also has 3 accumulators in which you can store weekly
   numbers such as retianed vacations, insurable earnings, etc.

   Available from:

   Autobyte Products Inc.
   655 32e, 201
   Lachine, Que.
   H8T 3G6


List Prompt:08 

   The world's smallest data base system. With it you manage
   your data bases, you can print labels and reports to meet 
   your criteria and formats. You can sort your data in the
   order you prefer as well as performing complex searches.

   For ease and speed, all the program functions are performed
   with a minimum of keystrokes. Carry you data anywhere.

   Available from:

   Autobyte Products Inc.
   655 32e Avenue, 201
   Lachine, Que
   H8T 3G6


List Prompt:07 
PHYSICIAN PACKAGE                                              Dec 5, 1990
Medical Practise System:

   A complete system for the physician based on the portfolio, the
   system is designed around a doctors' briefcase fitted with portfolio
   and printer. The software maintains customers, prescriptions, test
   treatments, medical certificates, patient files, fees, word processing,
   memos, receipts etc.

   The developer is looking for Canadian distribution or VARS:

   ADG - 10 Rue Fraizer
   03210 La Plaine St. Denis
   RCS Paris B 351 170 196

List Prompt:06 

Chequewriter:     A full featured businessman accounting, enter cheques
                  deposits, salaries, fees, sales, expenses and the
                  program does the rest.

                  Autobyte Products, Inc.
                  655. 32e Avenue, 201
                  Lachine, Que
                  H8T 3G6                  655. 32e Avenue, 201
                  Lachine, Que
                  H8T 3G6

List Prompt:05 
Stocks:           Stock market simulation game for the businessman.

                  Autobyte Products, Inc.
                  655. 32e Avenue, 201
                  Lachine, Que
                  H8T 3G6

List Prompt:04 

Terminal:         A very well designed terminal program for the Portfolio
                  The software tracks names, allows easy dialing
                  capability along with advanced file transfer features.

                  Autobyte Products, Inc.
                  655. 32e Avenue, 201
                  Lachine, Que
                  H8T 3G6

List Prompt:03 
TimeKeeper:       Designed for professionals, timekeeper is a program 
                  that keeps track of your workload by recording times and
                  dates for all tasks and projects. Prepare time sheets
                  invoice your clients with a detailed accounting of
                  tasks and rates.

                  Autobyte Products, Inc.
                  655. 32e Avenue, 201
                  Lachine, Que
                  H8T 3G6
List Prompt:02 
Telephone Dialer
Telephone:        Dialer, communications, file transfer from the
                  portfolio to the Mac or IBM PC. Supports pocket
                  modem use from any phone or cellular.

                  Available from : Computer Friends
                                   503-643-5379 Fax
List Prompt:01 
PIM (Personal Information Manager)
PIM               Personal Information Manager, front end application
                  uses a hierarchial menu system to access data files or
                  permits the user to access the built in applications.

                  An excellent fully operational DEMO program with
                  sample data is in the Portfolio Resource file area. It
                  makes a first class working demo for retail sales
                  people to demonstrate the Portfolio.

                  The developer can also provide various versions of
                  the software as well as custom systems permitting end
                  users to extend the office into the field to capture
                  or download data.

                  In Touch Network Systems Inc.
                  (416)-471-7307rsonal Information Manager)

> The following is an updated list of files that are available on Atari
> Canada's BBS. They can be found in the Portfolio section.

Press S to Stop, or P to Pause listing:

 DESCRIPTION: This file area contains files for the Portfolio,
              applications and utilities.

              All files ONLY available in *.ARC format. PC compatible
              owners can use the PK unarc utility. ST owners use the
              ARC utility loacted in the ST file area.
 ---> ARCHIVE:
PK361.EXE     119808   PC compatible ARC utility to unarc BBS files in this 
                       area, ST Arc program available in the ST area 
 ---> NEW Files:
TIMEDATE.ARC    6584   Time date text files within the Portfolio editor
MACROS!.ARC     5688   Run macros for the text editor
ARCA.COM        3456   Compress files - 1 at a time, delete old arc file if 
                       you re-compre 
ARCV.COM        2048   View arc files
CHMOD.COM        384   Change file attributes
CMP04.ARC       6400   Compare 2 files for accuracy
CNE2.DRY       17920   Can. Nat. Exhibition, to Sept. 2/91
CRCK4.COM       1536   Checksum program
DESKTO.PGC      1024   Image file shows MAC desktop - requires PGShow
HPSAMPLE.WKS     512   For comparison w/HP-95LX
MACCLA.PGC       640   Image file shows MAC Classic - requires PGShow
MACSTY.PGC       768   Image file shows MAC LOGO    - requires PGShow
MINI.COM         640   Print text in microprint MINI ON - MINI OFF
P90.ARC        14464   Print sideways, MUST be started from a batch file
RECIPE3.ARC    22272   Recipe files in .ADR format Experimental
UNERASE.COM     2048   Recover deleted files
UNHIDE.COM       640   Unhides hidden files
 ---> Data CONVERSION Programs
AG2POR.ARC      3096   Lotus Agenda macros to export Agenda data to Portfolio
DRYSK.ARC       4753   Diary files to Sidekick
PCAL21.ZIP     57807   Windows 3.0 calendar program with import/export 
                       functions to Porti 
PCRD11.ARC     38526   Windows 3.0 - Cardfile file compatible with Portfolio
VBRUN100.ARC  211322   Win 3.0 Visual Basic Runtime program for Windows 
                       applications used here 
WPCAL.ARC      45640   Covert WordPerfect Calendar to Portfolio diary
 ---> DEMO Programs:
PGSH21.ARC      8018   Fastest Demo available
PSI.EXE         2944   Demo program for the Portfolio
60BY10.ARC     10890   Program to change screen to 60 col by 10 lines
ACDPW2.ARC      5834   Password protect data files
ADDRES.EXE      9344   Address file viewer
ADDRES.SIT     13952   Mac Hypercard stack allows import/export, requires 
ARCEX.ARC      11648   Portfolio "Un-ARC" utility
AUTOEXEC.BAT      22   Example Startup File
BAT2EXE.ARC    53030   Compile batch files, output runs on the Portfolio
BATTST.ARC      6302   Battery tester for Portfolio
BM2.ARC         3840   Battery reminder program
BXD26.ARC      30592   Debugger, runs on the Portfolio
CONFIG.SYS        22   Example config file
DOSEDI.COM      2048   DOS command line editor, remembers last few commands 
                       you entered 
FLASH.ARC      19470   BSE Flashcard software drivers for connecting and HD 
                       to the Portfo 
FM.COM          7524   Atari "File Manager"
FT.COM         10811   Parallel module file transfer program
GREP.ARC       20788   Text search program
HDIR.ARC        5120   Horizontal directory
KBRASS.TXT      7936   Create hot keys using ansi.sys
LISTFG.COM      2816   Display fragmented files
LOGOS.ARC       2304   Custom screens
NEWPORT.ARC     6912   Tech Overview of Portfolio accessories
PASSWORD.ARC    1577   Password Protection Utility for Portfolio
PDD2MENU.ARC   14625   Driver for Radio Shack Portable disk drive
PFBACKUP.ARC    2751   Backup utility
PORTHELP.ARC   11776   excellent help files
PORTUTIL.ARC    4352   Setup files for the Portfolio, update, autoexec, 
                       config etc. 
PRTTXT.ARC      6832   Textfile Create HOT KEYS on the Portfolio using ANSI.SYS
PTOOL.ARC      26345   A set of excellent Portfolio utilities.
PWK10.SIT      12160   Backup/Restore utilities to MAC using White Knight
SDIR24.ARC      2449   Sort directories
SM.COM           128   Change screen mode from dos prompt of batch file
SNATCH.ARC     17008   Grab PC screen shots and run them on the Portfolio
SRCH.ARC       11125   Search diary and address files for a string
STRIP.ARC      12160   Strips carriage returns from ASCII files
TEXTCO.ARC     41984   Removes returns from text files except at the end of 
TIMEZN.ARC       772   Reset system clock when you are in different time zones
UPDT107.COM     1664   Lastest update
VDEL.COM         768   Prompts y/n before any delete file operation

 ---> Word Processing:
OUTLINE.ARC    96295   Outline text editor for the Portfolio
WS_EDIT.ARC    26599   Word Star like editor for Portfolio

 ---> Programming:
PBAS45.ARC    187339   Latest version of Basic with coms support
PBE13.ARC      30966   PC editor to create PBasic programs
SPB.EXE        11008   Removes unneeded lines and REM statements from PBasic 
ZBASIC.ARC     33792   Compact basic product that runs on the Portfolio

 ---> Communications:
ACOM11.ARC     16533   Terminal Program
DIAL.ARC        1664   Xterm dialer
PFBOOT.ARC     49479   Serial interface program to load terminal
PORT8BIT.ARC    2563   Tech document describing connecting Portfolio to Atari 
                       8 bit 
PORTTOST.ARC    5132   Files to GET Xterm on the Portfolio without files 
SLAVE.ARC      18560   Host program (Portfolio to any terminal supporting 
SLAVE.DOC       2100   Unarc'd docs for Slave.EXE (as above)
SLAVE.EXE      17152   Unarc'd Program file  (as above)
STFOLI.ARC     58725   Parallel file transfer
XTERM2.ARC      5477   Terminal program, includes XMODEM file transfer 

 ---> Graphics:
PGFMAKER.ARC   18176   ST/MEGA program to extract images from DEGAS to be 
PORT_ART.ARC   11903   Graphics pix demonstration
SKETCH.ARC      6061   Sketch program for the Portfolio

 ---> Applications:
CBASE.ARC      25333   Create scripts to collect data in the field
CC3.BAS         4992   Metric conversion, requires BASIC
CLOCK.EXE       4992   Large Portfolio Clock
FUNCTION.ARC   14592   Function analysis uses graphics to plot x-Y diagrams
OHM.ARC         5203   Ohmeter Program for Portfolio
PBASPRGS.ARC    4721   Assorted basic programs
PC.ARC         12288   Programmer's calculator
PIM.ARC        71965   Personal Info Mgr. fully operational program
PTONE.ARC       7727   Generate tones via file or keyboard
QUICK.ARC       8576   Input you cheques in the field and upload to Quicken 
SCI.ZIP        44569   Scientific calculator that runs on the Portfolio
TYPIST.COM       768   Typing practise for the small keyboard
TYPIST.DOC      1408   Docs for above

 ---> Games:
BLKBST.BAS      2176   Arcade game (needs PBasic)
DIGDEC.ARC      6053   Card trick program
DIGDEC.DOC      8704   Docs for above
DZN.BAS         2944   Puzzle (needs PBasic)
DZNRUL.TXT      2048   Docs for above
FS.EXE          2432   Small flight simulator, Not much on graphics but fun
MERLIN.ARC      4726   Game
OTHELLO.ARC     5746   Othello runs on portfolio (set the screen to static)
PCHESS.EXE     26496   An OK chess program that runs on the Portfolio
PORTPRGS.ARC   11582   Assorted Games, LIFE, PVIEW, SM, TT
SIMON.ARC       4444   Simon game
SPIN.EXE        4224   Number Puzzle
TETRAD.ARC     12096   Tetris game for the Portfolio
TRON.ARC        3731   Motorcycle game
VADER.BAS       1920   Space invaders (needs PBasic)
YANKEE.ARC     16537   Music for the Portfolio

 ---> Misc Files:
APB0791.ADR    18048   Accessories and Peripheral list in address book format
AREACODE.ADR    4864   List of area codes in address book format
PORTABLE.ARC    8192   Portable Addiction, a newsletter on Portable products
PORTADD3.TXT   46633   POrtable Addiction Issue #3 (UK)

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  Well,that's another month gone. Let's wait for what Atari has in store
  for us this month. And October will be the month in which the GameGear
  will officially be released in Holland, so that should be fun.
  I promise that I won't go on another vacation untill half december :-)
  Greetings  from all of us here  at PA, and hope to see  you again next

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