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Article #9 (18 is last):
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.portable
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Portable Addiction: 15-Oct-91 #006
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul 15 16:53:53 1992

Contributed By: Andy Norman 

               PORTABLE ADDICTION #06  15 OCTOBER 1991
      Newsletter for Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear and Atari Portfolio
  Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser .... (Editor)
  Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl ............. (Editorial Assistant)
  Mr. Portfolio ....................... (Portfolio staff writer)

  Thanks to:  Andre "ALU" Luyer (for nothing), Mr.Doom, Decoder, Robert 
              Jung,  Funtronics shop, Bart Smit shop.

  And NO thanks to: The HLZ,  for not letting me  use their PC's and Mr.
                    Bremmer, for slowing work on this issue of Portable

   Well this has really been a great month so far, look at the amount of
  games that Atari has released !!!  Turbo-Sub, Scrapyard-Dog and Check-
  ered-Flag.  So it has been a hard month for us testing all those games
  for you:-),  but since we have previewed Checkered Flag  in last month 
  issue, we did not  think it would be useful  to print a review in this
  And as Yiri went to the US a week ago, he didn't  get any articles in,
  but when he returns, he will have some interesting things to tell.
  Meanwhile  I had some time  to visit some  computer shows  in Holland. 
  There  was no real  news on the Portfolio and Lynx, but there was some
  interresting info, you'll see it later in this issue.
  And finally the Game Gear made it to  Holland last week, but only with
  four  games available here. And I haven't  been  able to reach Sega or 
  RCA/Columbia.So Game Gear news will be a little slow for another issue. But we've 
  been able  to get our hands on a  list of games to be  released before 
  christmas in Holland for the Game Gear.
  So, read and enjoy....  
                                         Tjerk "Megajerk" Heijmens Visser

                        HOT (?) NEWS AND GOSSIP

  Atari: It has been reported that APB has over 60 levels !!!

  Atari: A RPG  is being  prepared for  the Lynx,  see the press  release
         elsewhere in this issue. 

  Atari: It is  rumored that Warbirds will  be given as a free  game with 
         the total Lynx system in stead of California Games. And there is 
         also talk of the Pouch being included in the package.

  Sega:  As you've read, the Game Gear has been released here, along with
         Shinobi, Dragon Crystal, Columns and Psychic World.
         Stores report that it has  sold very good, most of  them ran out
         of stock within a week, but they only recieved limited supplies. 

                          +----LYNX Review----+
                              Scrapyard Dog

   Now the Lynx  has a run and jump game like every other  "real" gaming
  system(Sega has Sonic, Nintendo has the Mario series and Nec has Bonk).
  However Scrapyard Dog is  not new, it was first  released for the 7800
  but the 7800 was  never a great success, so Atari gave  Louie a second  
  Though the game looks a bit childish  with the simple graphics and the 
  kidnapped-dog story line, it is still fun to play. 
  Well,in order to save his dog Scraps from Mr. Big,Louie has to survive
  24 stages. But this would be too easy, so here come  the enemies, well
  they are more like animals,well in fact they are animals, hired by Mr.
  Big to kill you. All  you have to do  is avoid them, or kick a can and
  hope you hit them. But the enemies don't appear random, so you'll know
  this game by heart when you play it often.  This means that you'll get
  bored with it after a while.  
  But while you are playing the game,you'll find money and other bonuses
  The money you can  use to buy weapons or other interesting things in a
  shop. The search for bonuses and bonus games make this game great fun,  
  But when you've found them all,this also won't be interesting for long
  but keep in  mind that it will take a long  time before you have found
  them all.
  Something that  could have been done better is the sound, it is there,
  it is nice but it is also standard, it is the normal tune. A tune that
  you hear in every game.  House would sound  appropriate with this game
  ...just a suggestion:-).
  The game  might not  be  impressive  sound or  graphics wise,  but the 
  game play saves the lot.Mario made the NES popular,and Megadrive sales
  are going up with Sonic,  so Atari resurrected Louie.  But I felt that 
  Mario  on the NES was better than Louie on the Lynx. But if  you realy
  want this type of  game, this won't  disappoint you. People  who don't
  know this type of  game will find that it  is very addictive, but  the 
  lack of a randomizer is still a miss.

          Graphics    - 6.0 : A bit childish, but it satifies.
          Sound       - 5.5 : Programmers didn't have much
          Playability - 8.7 : It is very addictive at first,
          Lastability - 6.0 : But later you'll know this game 
                              by heart.
          Overall     - 6.5 : Every system needs a run and jump
                              game, and Atari created Louie.

                          +----LYNX Review----+
    Finally there is another  kill-everything-you-see-and-kill-even-more 
  type of game for the Lynx. The theme is much like Zarlor Mercenary,you 
  are hired to save the world, and doing  so you have to  obliterate the 
  The basic game play is the same as Zarlor Mercenary (which I love), it
  is uncomplicated, it is nothing new really. The game play only differs
  from other 3-D shooters  because it has the option of diving in water.
  But when you are under water you'll find  out that enemies are present
  there too, but also obstacles that you have to avoid and of course the
  gems that you  have to gather.  With those  gems you can  upgrade your
  ship  or you can buy extra lifes in  the cavern  you enter after  each 
  level (seventeen in total).
  You start  the game with eleven  warships and  some megabombs.  Eleven 
  ships, that  sounds like  you'll have  enough for the  whole game, but 
  believe me, it is not. Thats where those  Megabombs come in handy, but
  they are hard to come by, so you'll never have enough of them.
  The feel of  the game is good, and direct.  You won't have any trouble 
  with learning the controls. 
  Graphics wise the game  is what the  Lynx was made for,  with all that 
  scaling  stuff you can't mess up this game.  The sound however  is not
  that impressive. Zaror Mercenary had a nice tune,but you couldn't hear
  it through all the blasts of your gun, so the programmers of this game 
  must have thought that it was not needed.  Now you only have the sound  
  of your gun, and a tune at  the introduction. It is not  much, I would
  like to have some  kind of up-beat tune  in the game (I like to listen 
  to Metallica  or Anthrax when  I play Zarlor, but  the speed-tune from 
  Shanghai would be nice too).
  All in all the game might not be original, and it has the cliche story
  line, but as it is the first of  it's type for the Lynx,  it will sell
  good. But later,  when (or if) more games are  being released, it will
  loose out. The player however will  very much enjoy the game if he/she
  has a big thirst for destruction (mindless killing) but if you are not
  that violent, you'll probably get bored fast with this game.
  And don't think that the  Comlynx capability will save  it for you, it
  is not the Afterburner type of game where you can shoot each other.You
  only get to see the other players score, if you want to shoot someone,
  you'll have to play Warbirds.

          Graphics    - 9.3 : Great mix in style, and great
                              scaling (ofcourse). 
          Sound       - 4.1 : There is no music  during the
                              game, but  the sound  of your
                              guns will be loud enough. 
          Playability - 8.0 : Easy (Almost standard) controles                               
          Lastability - 6.0 : If you don't like shoot-it-and-
                              type of games, you won't like it. 
          Overall     - 6.9 : Fancy graphics  but old  (but 
                              effective) idea. 

                          +----LYNX preview---+
                             Ishido: The Way 
                              Of The Stones

   Ishido will be the second  strategy game for the Lynx after Shanghai.
  But in stead of removing tiles, you have to place them this time. Your
  goal is to fill the  field with tiles. There are six different colors,
  combined with six different symbols, so there are 36 different tiles.
  When you place the tiles on the board, the tile will have to match the 
  adjecent tiles by color or by symbol.
  Wether or  not this will be a hit on the Lynx,  I don't know. Shanghai 
  sold (sells) very well,and these games are basicly the same. So if you
  already have Shanghai, you will have no need for another strategy game
  for a while, no matter how addictive Ishido might be.  So I think that
  Atari could better wait a bit  longer before releasing this  game, but
  they will release this soon (within a month).
  A nice  feature  on  Ishido  is the  Oracle Feature,  it analyzes your 
  strategy. It is nice, but not that special.
  Finally: The game itself is fun,but it has to compete with a game that
  has been on the market longer, so don't  expect it to be sold out when
  it is released.

                          +--GAMEGEAR Review--+
                                Woody Pop

   Remember Break-Out, well here is Woody-Pop. One of the many Break-Out
  clones. A bat and a ball, but now in  a castle. After you have cleared
  a level  (room in this case) you  can choose which  other room you are 
  going to play,  each room has a certain  amount of points,  so you get 
  more points if you finish a room  with high value than if you finish a
  room with low value (How logic). 
  Now the bricks, that's basic too, some bricks  need one hit, some need
  two etc.... but some also leave icons.
  Nothing new so far, the Sega guy's did put something new in (Well, new
  for me,I haven't played all Break-Out clones, but I have played a few)
  Things like passing trains for instance(What the hell is a train doing
  in a castle !!!!), and the train causes the ball to bounce another way.
  The sound is not very special, there are few effects, and that tune is
  very repetitive.
  If you are new to Break-Out, this will be  very addictive, and with 50
  levels you'll  have enough to do. But if you already know Break-Out or
  one of it's clones, you might want to have a look at Devilish.
  Devilish is also a Break-Out clone,but it has more *really* new ideas.
  Advice: If you really want a Break-Out clone buy Develish, even if you
  do not want a Break-Out clone buy Develish, it is  far more better and 
  far more original than Woody Pop.
  Woody Pop  is almost  an exact  clone of B-O,  so  that's why  I can't 
  understand why Sega has  released this game for the Game Gear, or even
  spent time on developing it.
  I'm going to end with a quote from the Robo-Squash review (Lynx)in our
  first issue, done by Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl:
  "But please leave these games in  the decade where they were born! Get

          Graphics    - 3.5 : Too simple, but is it possible to 
                              make something  impressive from a
                              bat and a ball? YES. 
          Sound       - 5.0 : No effects, but at least it has a
                              tune (Droning, though).
          Playability - 7.1 : Controles are good (that's the 
                              least they could do).
          Lastability - 6.6 : If you're new,it's addictive, but
                              if you're not new, than that is 
                              just what it is.
          Overall     - 5.7 : Develish is a better bet for 
                              the same type of game.

                            Storms over Doria
  Lancaster, Texas
  (This is an official Telegames press release)

   "The Guardians:  Storms Over Doria"  from Telegames  will be the long 
  awaited first traditional  Role-Playing-Game for the  Atari Lynx color 
  portable video game. This is the fourth product published by Telegames 
  for the Lynx.

  This product casts the player (and up to 3 other ComLynxed players) as 
  a Guardian, one of  the legendary,  roving band of heros.  Each player 
  will  select his  or her  character from an  on-screen  display of the 
  Guardians,  each  Guardian  with a  unique set of  attributes  such as 
  Strength, Wisdom, Dexterity, Charm, Endurance, speed, magic, etc.

  The Guardians  have been  summoned  to the  Kingdom  of Doria  to help 
  locate Quellin the Master of the Mystical Arts.  Quellin has kidnapped 
  Prince Creshin and stolen Doria's crown, The Crown of Versilles, which 
  gives the wearer the power to control the weather.If King Frederick of 
  Doria does not renounce the  throne in his favor, Quellin will condemn 
  the Prince to  eternal slavery and  Doria to the  eternal Winter.  The 
  Guardians must locate  and rescue the  Prince and Crown, and them find 
  and defeat  Quellin in Physical and magical combat. Failure will bring 
  the ultimate extinction of the kingdom of Doria.

  With a  three-quarter  overhead perspective,  the player will  have to 
  journey across the Land of Doria(and under it in some of its dungeons)
  searching for clues to the Wizard's whereabouts. Game elements include
  different magical spells, numerous monsters, multiple weapons, and the
  ability to talk to anyone on the streets.  An internal clock will vary
  responses  and activities  based upon  time of day and  day of week. A 
  command menu will allow you to GET, OPEN, BREAK, TALK, etc.

  An original sound-track and  superior graphics will make this a  "must
  have" title for every Lynx gamer's library.

  (ETA, Late Feb @ 44.95, hint book later)

                           Game Gear Games List

   The following  games will be released for the Game Gear in  Holland
  before Christmas.

  Wonder Boy
  Super Monaco GP
  Mickey Mouse
  Golden Axe
  Out Run
  Space Harrier
  Joe Montana Football 
  Dragon Crystal
  Psychic World
  Putter Golf
  Woody Pop
  Ninja Gaiden
  Donald Duck
  Kinetic Connection

                         International Lynx Club

   When I was in  Eindhoven a few weeks ago,  there was a great computer 
  show. So I visited it, I didn't expect to find a Lynx  there but there 
  was. In fact it was the  International Lynx Club.  They didn't tell me 
  how  International it was, but all I  know  is that there is a  German 
  devision and they are going to set  up a Dutch division.  That's where 
  I played Ninja Gaiden  on a  Lynx II, that might  not sound special to 
  Americans, but Ninja Gaiden was only sold in limited  editions,and the 
  Lynx II will not arrive  here till January.  When I played the Lynx II
  I also plugged  in a few other games,  to see if the  blinking dot was
  there, but I didn't see it (not even on Chip's Challenge).
  I also got a copy of their 8-page club mag, and it contained a list of 
  up comming games.
  So here it is:

  Comming soon:

  Bill and Ted's excellent adventure
  Crystal Mines II
  Geo Duel
  Krazy ace Miniature Golf
  Grid Runner
  Hard Drivin'
  NFL Football
  Rolling Thunder
  Scrapyard Dog
  S.T.U.N. Runner
  Tournament Cyberball
  Viking Child
  World Class soccer

  Comming later: (some of this will be new for some of you!)

  Awesome Golf
  Badboy Tennis
  Baseball Heroes
  Battlezone 2000
  Blood and Goods Hockey
  Demons Gate
  Dino World
  Eye of the Beholder (!!!!)
  Fullcourt Press     (????)
  Heavy Weight Contanter
  Lucky Star
  Malibu Bikini Volleyball (I know this one as Swimsuit Volleyball)
  Ninja Gaiden III
  Ninja Nerd               (I'm going to call this Ninja Yiri:-)
  Super Asteroids
  + Missile Command        (This is the exact way it was in the original
                            list so I think this means these  two are on 
                            one card!)
  Switchblade II
  Qix                      (The list said Telegames Qiz,but I think that 
                            was a typo.)

  I tried to get descriptions of the games,  but they haven't  replied to 
  my letter, if they will replie some day,it will immediately be printed 
  in Portable Addiction. 
  And here are my updates on the list:

  Pinball Shuffle
  Strider II
  Kung Food
  Dirty Larry
  Allstar Basketball
  Hoop Wars
  Jungle Ball
  Steal Home
  Time Lord
  In their mag (Der ComLYNXer, which is in German)  they told what their
  future  plans are.  I don't know  wether or  not there is  an American 
  department, but if there are enough  people applying for it, they will 
  have to.
  If you have any questions about the club, please send a note to:

  Hans-Joerg Sebastian
  Siegfriedstrasse 3
  D-6384  Schmitten 3

  The  rest of  the computer show was  more about  Amiga's and  PC's but
  there was this  great contest where  you could win a Lynx.  On a stage 
  there were two Klax  arcade machines, and  if you got the  day's high-
  score, you got the Lynx. 
  On the Atari stand there was one single Portfolio,so there was nothing
  new about that. Which disappointed me,but I forgot that the Efficiency
  beurs (in Amsterdam) was a few weeks later. Well that turned out to be
  a  disappointment  too for  the Portfolio.  Someone  demonstrated  the 
  Braille Carrier, but that was no big revelation.  There was however, a
  1024Kb RAMcard, but it  costs more than $500,- . The rest of  the show
  did have some interresting things,  like the Unix TT,  and the Toshiba 
  Laptop with  color LCD  (better than a  Super-VGA!!),  but that is not 
  interresting for this newsletter.


   We seem to be having a great  communication problem here.  Not only do
  people not replie by normal mail, e-mail on Internet isn't perfect too.
  First of all, the Video Game Ratings Report has vanished into thin air,
  because the guy who organised it ran out of time,
  and now Mr. Portfolio doesn't show a sign of life. We haven't been able
  to  contact him in  any way. We only  found out a  few days  before the 
  deadline, so  there is no Portfolio news at all  in this issue. We will
  prepare  something ourselves for the next issue just in case he doesn't 
  A sad month so far, lets hope next month all mailing systems will work.

      Tjerk "Megajerk" Heijmens Visser


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