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Article #16 (79 is last):
From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: LYNX: Lynx II (Z*Net)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Reply-To: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Date: Wed Aug 28 20:22:32 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9133 (August 9, 1991):

                         ATARI LYNX II - REVIEWED
                              by Jeff Payne

 Jeff Payne is the SysOp of The -=Rad=- BBS (209) 636-2723 located in
 Visalia,  California.  Voice number is: (209) 636-2274.

 On Monday, August 5, 1991, at approx. 3pm pacific, the U.P.S. man
 finally delivered my Lynx II unit, after several months of waiting.  In
 January, I first heard about a newer Lynx unit which was smaller,
 lighter, and overall better than the original Lynx.  I was ready to sink
 $180 into a Lynx I unit, but after hearing (and reading) several good
 things about the newer model, I decided to go for the model II.

 I called Atari Customer Relations the very next day and spoke with one
 of the reps there.  The gentleman told me that the Lynx II units would
 be shipping "next week".  I was delighted, so I placed an order for a
 Lynx II unit on my credit card.  A couple weeks later, I noticed that
 the U.P.S. man hadn't delivered my "portable color video game you can
 get away with" yet, so I gave the Customer Relations Dept. another call.
 The fellow told me that they wish to move the rest of the original Lynx
 units in stock before they start shipping the original unit.  And you
 can't blame them.  The new unit has sooo many benefits over the original
 model, that if both were available at the same time for the same price,
 the model I would not move at all in sales.

 I'm the type of person who likes to wait for better things.  Many of you
 know me for my STE and the collection of STE software which I have
 distributed.  Back when I was ready to sink a few hundred dollars into
 an ST computer, I heard about the STE.  I heard so many good things
 about it compared to the ST that I decided to wait.  To this day I'm
 glad I waited.  Today I wish I had a TT030, and if I budget myself
 accordingly, I should be able to have one shortly.

 Anyhow, this is the part of this text file which you've been waiting
 for; comparisons between the Lynx model I and the Lynx model II:

 The first thing I noticed was the obvious difference is overall design
 and appearance.  Basically every general area of the unit is the same
 color (dark grey with black controls.  The model I has a joypad that's
 round with a cross in the middle.  The model II is just a cross, but in
 my opinion has a more responsive and better feel for game play.

 The B-A buttons on the model I are round with a round groove in the
 center.  The ones on a model II are square with a round groove in it.

 On the model I, the option buttons (on, off, opt 1, pause, opt 2) are
 all horizontal.  On the model II, they are verticle, and slant
 accordingly toward the screen, similar to a ( ) effect.  This adds to
 what all made this model more compact than the original.

 The screen is no differnt in size or appearance.

 To the top left of the screen on the model II is a little amber colored
 light indicating that the unit is on.  When the unit's batteries are
 low, this light blinks rapidly.  The power light was intended to remind
 you that your unit is on if you choose to turn the back light screen,
 which I will explain on the next paragraph.

 Directly under the on/off buttons debuts a new button labeled
 "backlight".  When pressed, it allows you to toggle between having the
 screen light on, or off.  This comes in use full if you decide to pause
 a game for a long period of time, and if it's running of the 6 AA
 alkaline batteries (not included), not as much power will be used up.

 On a model 1, if you do not make a move for approx. 5 mins., and  you're
 using batteries, the unit will shut off automatically.  On a model II,
 the unit will only shut off if you press the off switch, or if you let
 the batteries run down.  This is where the new backlight compliments
 that fact that there is not "time out" feature on a model II.

 The built-in speaker on the right hand side looks cooler on a model II
 that a model I (in my opinion.)  On a model one, the speaker looks like


      On a model II, it sort of looks like


 It's hard to describe on a text file like this.

 Here's a cool part.  On a model I, if you plug in stereo headphones, you
 will hear your games in monophonic sound.  But on a model II, you will
 hear STEREO sound, depending of course upon what game card you have in.
 I have Klax.  When I hear the initial music, I hear it in stereo.

 During game play, when a tile comes tumbling down the center column, a
 sound of the tile tumbling down comes out of both speakers equally,
 making it sound like it is coming down right in front of you.  But if
 the tile is tumbling down the far left column, the sound of the tile
 tumbling down only comes out of the left speaking, making it sound like
 the tile is tumbling down to the left of you.  Same goes respectivly for
 the right hand side.

 This is one of those things that make you go...  Hmmmm.....

 Klax came out before the Lynx II did.  Did the makers of Klax for the
 Lynx anticipate of having stereo sound for the Lynx at a later date?
 Quite possibly!  Nice investment, guys!!!  (boy, typing this part was

 On a model II, both the Brightness and Volume knobs are located at the
 top, same as where the headphones, comlynx, and power ports are located.
 On a model I, one knob is on the bottom, one on top.

 New on a model II is a rubber grip on the bottom of the unit.  I like
 it, and a read in the latest issue of the Atari Portable Entertainment
 newsletter that the editor likes it as well.  It makes grabbing onto the
 Lynx feel better.  The rubber on the bottom boosts your self estime
 (just kidding, but it's a neat thing to have.)

 As I look on the back of my Lynx II, I see two things which appear to be
 slots where you can slip some sort of strap into, which I would assume
 would allow you to carry around your Lynx unit via a strap which is
 attached to these two things which are sticking out on the bottom of the
 Lynx II unit.  I'm not sure if the model I has this, or anything like

 Battery life span of a Lynx I is approx. 4 hours.  On a model II it's
 approx. 5 hours (ooo, and extra hour!!)  If you want, you may want to
 take time to build a D-cell battery pack.  I will be getting some
 instructions of a guy who has done this.  It lasts considerably longer
 with D batteries, as opposed to AA batteries.

 Weeeeell, I believe I've pretty much proved my point that the Lynx II is
 definately better than the Lynx model I.  And I don't need to go into
 how both Lynx models far exceed the Sega Gear, TurboExpress, and that
 other Lame Boy thing.  Not just that Lynx costs the same now as Lame Boy
 does.  Not just that all Lynx games are designed for a 3.5" screen,
 unlike the TurboExpress, all games of which are designed for a full
 sized television.  Not just that the Lynx runs at a whooping 16 MHz, a
 speed the Sega Gear will never reach.  Heck, that's even faster than my
 STE!  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the Lynx's speed is faster that any
 other home video game system out there (except for maybe the Atari
 Jaguar, which is still in the distant future.)  Faster than Neo Geo,
 Super NES, and even the Genesis.

 Well, it was fun writing this article.  If you've any questions, give me
 a call.  My voice number is at the top.  By the way, as of this writing,
 my BBS (-=Rad=-) is down for a little while due to hardware problems,
 but should be going back up soon.  I'll be posting on all Atari boards
 when that is.  I'm also in a program called Advanced Marketing Seminars,
 which I believe is a great business opportunity.  If you'd like, call me
 sometime and I'll tell you more about it.  The model number under the
 Lynx II unit reads "PAG-0401" or "PA 3201".  You may need this info to
 gain "full Lynx access" on certain BBS's.  I'm aware of three Lynx only
 publications: A.P.E., On Target, and GameMaster.  You'll also find good
 Lynx coverage in AtariUser, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Atari Explorer,
 and I'm sure there are a few others.  Call me and I'll get you info on
 these mags.

 Cheers, and happy Lynxing!  See you at the Atari shows!

        Doug Wokoun            /      /                | If you don't
(aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)  [o]-[o]                 |  stand for something,
            |||                   L     (((( STe ))))  | you will
    Atari  / | \  S I G         \___/                  |  fall for anything.

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