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From: ap748@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: LYNX Battlezone 2000
Posted-By: xx004 (ap748 - Fred Horvat)
Date: Mon Nov  6 07:51:06 1995

˙űFrom: (Songbird)
Subject: REVIEW: Battlezone 2000
Date: Thu Oct 26 21:51:07 1995

OK, here is a fairly succinct review of my new Lynx games -- I just
received my shipment today, and have only played each game for about
15-20 minutes, so my opinions may change over time.  Enjoy!

Battlezone 2000
Comlynx: 4 players
Stereo:  No

This is a revamp of the classic arcade game, Battlezone.  In fact, the
game still has the look and feel of a vector graphics game, so hats off
to Handmade Software for doing such a good job with wireframe models.

There are lots of neat intro screens, including a scrollable display of
all enemy vehicles and stats.

In one player mode, you simply have to compete against Lynx-controlled
enemies in a variety of missions, each with different objectives.  I
purchased 4 copies of this game, but have not been able to Comlynx yet
(sigh).  Powerups are also available on the field of play, which you may
obtain by driving over them.

In either mode, you are able to pick one of three tank chasis, and
modify your ammo, fuel, shields, and missiles by moving points around.
this is a nice feature, and allows you to tailor your tank to your
preference.  Another nice touch is that you can change your tank
alllocation/selection after each mission.

There is a nice variety of enemies, and they have considerably different
abilities.  They all more or less react to being fired upon, which is an
improvement over the arcade game IMHO; no sitting ducks.

Very well done intro music, and the sounds effects are good, although
more varied than the original.  But from a graphics and gameplay
perspective, this is a faithful arcade conversion with some useful
enhancements.  The radar screen from the original is there and very
helpful.  And everything runs *very* smoothly.  I've seen multiple
obstacles and enemies on the screen at once, and noticed no slow down!

I'm also looking forward to Comlynxed play.  Who wouldn't want to duke
it out in the Battlezone?  That was probably one of the strongest
reasons I purchased this game, because the Lynx should show off its
networking abilities.

It's not BattleWheels.  Sorry, I had to throw that in there.  When you
consider that BattleWheels is 6-player Comlynxable, and has "better"
graphics (depending on whether or not your prefer the wireframe
graphics), more options, stereo sound, and you can get out on foot --
well, BattleWheels wins hands down in my book.

Don't get me wrong; this is a great game!  I'm really excited to have
another networked title for the Lynx.  And I have always loved
Battlezone.  Even though you go on "missions,"  they're not as rigid as
some games might be, where you feel like you're being led by the nose.
I highly recommend this title to all Lynx enthusiasts.

SOUND:     8.0
OVERALL:   8.5 (Comlynxing will probably boost this to 9.0)

Novell DOS 7.0 and IBM OS/2 user              Fred Horvat
Atari Mega ST 4/20 MultiTOS                   Free-Net Atari Portfolio Sigop
                                              Atari Classic/LYNX/Jaguar gamer

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