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From: ap748@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: LYNX Super Asteriods
Posted-By: xx004 (ap748 - Fred Horvat)
Date: Mon Nov  6 07:53:56 1995

From: (Songbird)
Subject: REVIEW: Super Asteroids
Date: Thu Oct 26 21:52:11 1995

OK, here is a fairly succinct review of my new Lynx games -- I just
received my shipment today, and have only played each game for about
15-20 minutes, so my opinions may change over time.  Enjoy!

As you know, Super Asteroids / Missile Command are on one cart, but
I'll review them separately.

Super Asteroids
Comlynx: No
Stereo:  No

One of the best arcade classics ever, Asteroids, has finally found its
home on the Atari Lynx.  This version has more in common with the 7800
Asteroids than it does the arcade, however.

You basically get to fly around and blow up and endless supply of
Asteroids and enemy ships.  Your shields come on automatically when you
intersect any object, and gradually wear down, but they do rebuild over
time.  Powerups also exist to give you spread shots, more shields,
destroy all remaining asteroids, etc.  The enemy ships seem to be as
dumb as the originals -- that's not necessarily a complaint, just an
observation.  They move across the screen and shoot wildly, although
sometimes I think they know where I am and focus their fire on me.

Lost of stuff floating around.  And on the small screen, the
auto-shields is a big plus.  It seems like I'm constantly bumping into
things!  Your ship also maintains a degree of Newtonian momentum, which
is a fancy way of saying that once you thrust, you only stop if you
counter thrust.  Not only that, but if you bump into an asteroid, you
will transfer some momentum and send it flying!  Of course, they have
the same effect on you.  This can make for some wild and fun flying!
The powerups are also a nice addition to this classic.

No Comlynx.  I guess 7800 Asteroids had me spoiled. =^)  The small
screen.  Your ship is about the right size, but some of the larger
asteroids and enemies appear almost too big for the screen.  The sound
effects are also repetitive, as my wife was quick to point out.  You can
just hold down the fire button and shoot and endless, noisy stream of
shots -- not like older versions where you could only fire 3-4 and then
had to wait.

I also liked the background "music" and random effects of the 7800
version, along with the blinking stars (if memory serves), none of which
are present here.

If you enjoy Asteroids, you will enjoy this game.  A 2-player Comlynx
would have made it irresistable, but I will still enjoy taking Asteroids
with me everywhere I go.  Kudos to Atari for releasing another great
classic for the Lynx!

SOUND:     7.0
OVERALL:   7.5

Novell DOS 7.0 and IBM OS/2 user              Fred Horvat
Atari Mega ST 4/20 MultiTOS                   Free-Net Atari Portfolio Sigop
                                              Atari Classic/LYNX/Jaguar gamer

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