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Article #1473 (1486 is last):
From: (Matt Edwards)
Subject: Stun Runner?
Date: Tue Dec 29 11:57:49 1992

Is is just me, or is Stun Runner too easy??  I had no trouble at
all finishing the game once I figured out a somewhat major flaw
in the design of the game - 

When you'r going down the tube and hit a curve to the left or right, 
you're supposed to bank to the outside wall because it is 'faster
in turns'.  In the arcade game this is true - if you don't bank,
and stay down at the bottom, you lose a lot of speed.  On the
Lynx, you can stay in the middle all you want and not lose any
speed at all.  Since some of the enemy car things come out in 
pre-set places, sometimes as if they were waiting for you to be
on the bank, it makes it easy to complete all the levels.  

Also, is it my imagination or do you get slowed down if you 
fire more often?  I find I can complete levels faster if I 
don't fire as much.

Sorry if this has been discussed before.


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