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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: JAGUAR: Cat Box (Hardware)
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon Mar 21 15:34:57 1994

//// ICD Announces First Jaguar Hardware Add-On - PR

Rockford, Illinois, March 7, 1994 -- Black Cat Design, a designer of
computer peripherals and accessories, and ICD, today announced Cat
Box, the complete interface adapter for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit game

Cat Box plugs directly into the AV/DSP ports on the back of the
Jaguar. Its custom case measures just 6 x 1.5 x 1 inches and
perfectly accents the sleek Jaguar design. Cat Box provides all of the standard
connections that Jaguar customers desire. Standard ports include: S-Video,
Composite Video, Left & Right Audio Out, Dual
Stereo Headphones, Analog RGB Video, RS-232, ComLynx, and DSP. All connectors
are "industry standard".

Standards are a big part of Cat Box and connectivity is the key. The
RS-232 port will connect to standard modems. The ComLynx port will
join other Jaguar and Lynx game systems for multi-player games and
other networking ideas. Black Cat Design is actively working with game
developers to ensure support for these ports.

An imaginative, well thought out design includes flexibility for the
future.  Internal expansion connectors for future add-in cards ensure
that Cat Box will be as useful then as it is now. Future products
under consideration include a MIDI interface and an internal modem.

ICD has licensed Cat Box from Black Cat Design for exclusive
world-wide distribution.

Thomas Harker, president of ICD, explained, "This product is an
unbelievable value. I wouldn't be surprised if all Jaguar owners buy a Cat Box.
My family is really thankful for the headphone jacks when our twin boys are
playing Raiden. Finally, peace and quiet again in the game room. The boys can't
wait for the next generation of multi-player games to arrive. Imagine, dual
Jaguars head to head. Cat Box will help make this possible. It makes so much
sense, I don't know why it wasn't done before."

The Cat Box will begin shipping early next quarter at an MSRP of
$49.95. ICD is taking orders now with shipments expected in May.

For further information, contact ICD Public Relations in the United
States by phone (815) 968-2228 extension 222 or fax (815) 968-6888.

Cat Box is a trademark of Black Cat Design. Other trademarks are
those of their respective holders.

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