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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: JAGUAR: Tempest 2000
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon Mar 21 15:24:14 1994

TEMPEST 2000 review by TAL and HARRY
Date: Fri Mar 11 01:49:09 1994 is what you've all been waiting for.  The FULL
scoop on Tempest 2000.

What was our first impression? 

DAMN, I didn't know that Joey Wood or Jeff Minter worked
for Future Crew...

This game kicks bones about it!

You see the title screen and you know this is a QUALITY 
game.  The music pounds OMINOUSLY in the background, and 
you are almost too frightened to proceed. If you dare to 
press a button you will be treated to an  ATARI symbol 
without peer. It flows on a color plasma-type background 
resembling an over-head view of a wave.  You may choose 

During all modes of play, you have the option to switch
between a stationary playfied (like the original), a 
view which hovers above your cannon, and a view which
zooms up right behind your cannon...not quite 1st
person.  In the latter two the rest of the playfield
adjusts to your current position, since not all of it
can be seen at once.  

TRADITIONAL TEMPEST is just that, only with updated 
sound effects. Nothing much to say here.
some new options and enemies. You may play cooperatively
with another player, or have an AI Droid fight along
side you (a good way to play, for beginners).  The 
explosions and enemies are somewhat enhanced, but it is 
no 2000.

TEMPEST 2000 is nothing short of amazing.  It has a 
smooth, colorful, shaded playing field. There are many 
added options. You can obtain power-ups which will allow
you to get a particle laser, the ability to jump off of
the playfield (which is VERY useful), an AI droid, a 
warp triangle (3 of which will take you to the warp zone
where you have a chance to warp 5 levels), and an "OUTTA 
HERE!" (which will end the level instantly). New enemies 
include:  Mutant Flippers (much faster than the 
original), Mirrors (that reflect your shots back at 
you!), Demon Heads (whose horns cannot be destroyed once
shot), and deadly UFOs that hover above your cannon and
fire down at you. The only way to kill them is to JUMP
over them and fire at the same time! The sound effects 
are excellent with many channels playing simultaneously 
(no distortion whatsoever!) If one is skilled enough to 
pass all 100 LEVELS, the game will automatically switch 
into "BEASTLY MODE" where the enemies move and shoot 
faster while you shoot slower--talk about adding insult 
to injury! (once you make it past 'beastly mode' you have
the option to play all your games with beastly mode on.

TEMPEST DUEL is probably the only version of the game on 
the cart that won't live up to SOME people's 
expectations. The object is to blast your friend at the 
opposite end of the web, while at the same time avoiding
his fire. The two webs are set side-by-side with player 1 
on the left, and player 2 on the right. The position of
your opponent is shown by a highlighted track on the web.
We found that the playing fields were a little too small
which made distinguishing elements of each web difficult. 
  i.e. There were many things happening on the each field
       at once, and it is all crammed into two tiny webs.  

Anyone who does not believe that a cart can play true
CD-quality sound has yet to hear TEMPEST 2000.  Everyone
who observed me playing thought the music was one of my
techno CDs.  Truly unparalleled sound!

We think that this is the first cart that really shows off
what the Jag is capable of.  Zillions of things moving at
once, yet no slowdown of any kind!  You have your pumping
soundtrack, your mind-blowing visuals, and just downright 
amazing gameplay.  Any person that loves a good, original
arcade game will love TEMPEST 2000.  Atari is giving us 
what we gamesters really want...originality coupled with 
design excellence--not some rushed-out-the-door copy of
an overused concept.               

Tempest 2000 is the first game to use the trademarked
Melt-o-Vision graphics, most likely developed by Joby Wood
and Jeff Minter.  These are a must-see, with no words to
do them justice.  

Our only complaints are the following:

--For true nostalgic purposes, Atari could have left the
  traditional sound effect intact for TRADITIONAL TEMPEST.

--It would be nice to play cooperatively in TEMPEST 2000.

--Bigger webs in TEMPEST DUAL

--As an alternate to "kill your opponent" competitve play,
  it would be interesting to have Tetris style competition
  in which the object would be to achieve a higher score
  per level.

Truly one of the most amazing we have played to date.

It includes all of the aspects of a great game, enough to
make TEMPEST 2000 into a classic again!

We hope that you found our review informative and as
unbiased as possible.  Please send any questions or
comments, please feel free to e-mail us.

Tal Funke-Bilu                
Harry Kinney                   

P.S.  We can't help but feel guilty for playing this game
      so long before anyone else gets a chance.

P.P.S.  It was Tal who was officially one of the winners,
        but Harry doesn't mind the attention.
Tal Funke-Bilu         "Shop smart, S-Mart!"
Harvey Mudd College                     -Ash, Housewares.

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