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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: JAGUAR: Tempest 2000
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon Mar 21 15:28:01 1994

From DGLOW@DEPAUW.EDU Fri Mar 11 06:22:42 1994

                        TEMPEST 2000 *ROCKS!!!*

   The graphic effects are simply amazing.  Have you ever seen one of Future
Crew's award-winning demos running on a fast 486?  T2K feels like it was
written by them.  For the first time it really seems like the Jag's     
power is being utilized.  Everything is _so_ smooth and _so_ fast I'm not sure 
I can believe it - but then, this is what we all expected from 64 bits, right?
   A couple highlights:
    (for the Tempest 2000 version - but many apply to the other games)

        *  _Very_ nicely shaded webs - some have ultra-smooth color-cycling
        *  Three selections for the "camera": arcade mode (stationary web),
           default mode (web moves, camera follows you), and zoom mode (slight-
           ly closer up version of the previous one)

        *  SO MUCH STUFF ON THE SCREEN!!!  Sometimes it gets rather confusing.
           You've got the web, all the creatures on it, power-ups you try to 
           collect, zooming/scaling/rotating/morphing text everywhere, a wicked
           moving starfield background, and more.

        *  An _excellent_ soundtrack!  This is tecno-rave at it's best.  By far
           best music I've ever heard on a home system - and far above most of
           stuff at the arcade, too!  BTW, I don't know what the deal is with
           that CD of extra music rumor, but I didn't recieve anything extra
           from Atari.  But most importantly, _great_ sound: clean instruments,
           and very cool samples.

        *  Lots of little extras, like all sorts of "vector balls" and the 
           incredibly cool Melt-O-Vision (TM) transitions between screens -
           stuff you've just gotta see to appreciate.   

   As of now, this is _the_ game for the Jag (IMHO).  It blows away everything
we've seen thus far in the area of high speed, addicting action - of course, we
haven't really seen all that much in this area at all.  Even so, I really think
T2K will be a "rock" in the Jag's game library - future games may look snazzier,
but the action of Tempest is unique.

   I almost feel guilty being one of only 10 people who have this game - I hope
Atari gets it out to everyone else REALLY SOON!

                                                - Dave Glowacki

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