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From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Reply-To: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa778 - Fred Horvat)
Date: Sat May 18 08:23:34 1996

by , 27/2/96.

1.0 - This is the first and rather basic version- lacks overview

1.      Overview
2.      Controls
3.      The Village
4.      The Canyon
5.      The Sewers
6.      The City
7.      The End
8.      Tips/Hints
9.      The Secret

   blah de blah de blah

   Atari Corporation is currently planning on releasing Highlander I
   for the PC-CDROM platform under the "Atari Interactive" PC label.
   We can only hope that this release demonstrates the Jaguar power!

   The controls are rather complex when you consider that Quentin is
   capable of using bare hands, a sword, a gun, and acting in defence.
   However, the most useful controls are listed below for the sword!

   UP    - Run forwards
   BACK  - Back-up slowly
   LEFT  - Turn to the left
   RIGHT - Turn to the right

       Sword!          With Gun!
       -----           --------
   A - Walking Jump    Shoot backwards
   B - Next Swipe      Shoot forwards
   C - Jab (yes)       Shoot from hip

   PAUSE - Pause and special functions- load/save from MemoryTrack
   OPTION - Access inventory function

Q. How do I kill the first guards around the village?
A. With your bare hands! Try doing a low kick to knock them over.

Q. How do I open the chest in one of the huts- do I need to?
A. You can't until you go to the canyon and get the crowbar.
   You will indeed need the contents of the chest in the sewers.

Q. How do I survive when I exit via the front gate?
A. Don't exit via the front gate! (Kill them later.)

Q. How do I get through the back gate of the village?
A. Use the STICK found in a hut to break the lock on it.

Q. Where do I find a SWORD- I can't find one in the huts.
A. You need to leave the village by the back gate for the hill. 

Q. What do I do with Quentin's mother's LOCKET?
A. No purpose known, but triggers a FMV section of the story.

Q. What do I do with Clydes's little WATERWHEEL?
A. No purpose known, but triggers a FMV section of the story.

Q. Where do I find the plank which I've found I need in the canyon?
A. When you walk past the front gate look by the fence to the left.

Q. How do I get across the gap in the raised walkway on the right?
A. You did pick up the PLANK to the left of the front gate of the
   village didn't you?

Q. How do I get past the guards at the top of the right-hand stairs?
A. Either be quick to kill them, or run past them and kill them later.

Q. How do I get across the gap in the raised walkway on the left?
A. You did pick up the LEVER when you investigated the right side?

Q. I've heard that the gas-gun is around here! Where do I find it?
A. You will find two gas-guns. One is to the left of the entrance
   to the turret- but watch out for the quicksand. The other is to
   the left of the tank, although you'll lose lots of energy getting
   it and my advice is to leave it because it is not worth energy.

Q. What is the CROWBAR which I've found in the guard turret for?
A. You will need this to get the chest back in the village open!

Q. What do I do with the FLOWER which I found in the canyon?
A. This has no purpose to your mission- but read about THE SECRET.

Q. How do I get past the deadly tank blocking the main canyon?
A. You can't I don't think- you need to bypass it through the
   narrow side canyon. (The one with the annoying snipers!)

Q. How do I get into the hidden area to the left of the tank?
A. It is very hard to get there- sneak up the left hand side of the
   canyon and attract the guard out- kill him this side of the rock.
   Next run round and into the gap- trouble is although there is a
   piece of bread and a gas gun you will still get shot and the area
   is not really worth visiting unless there is something hidden.   

Q. How do I get into the control turret outside the canyon gate?
A. You need the key- have you already killed the gate-keeper?

Q. How do I activate the control panel in the turret to open the gate?
A. The settings of the control panel are randomized for every game.
   When you visited the three canyon guard turrets you should have
   noted down the colour and position of the control panel there.
   Having moved the appropriate coloured bars to their positions,
   move your hand off the bottom of the screen to activate control.

Q. How do I get across the gap in the rope/plank bridge to safety?
A. You JUMP across the gaps, and you may need to run up to the gaps.

Q. How do I get through the spinning blades of the fan blades?
A. The clue is there- get through at 3 second intervals. Use the
   STOPWATCH and you will trigger a full motion video solution.

Q. How do I get through the door with the security panel outside?
A. You will need to get the key to the door- by exploring there
   and getting a key, then going back down to the sewers and using
   it to open the two security doors blocking off the sewer ends.

Q. How do I get through the door where the guard says "Go away".
A. You need the guard's uniform which was in a chest in the village.
   (You did go back from the canyon with the crowbar for that...?)

Q. How do I kill the guard in the gym behind the gym netting?
A. You didn't use all your gas gun bullets earlier on did you?

Q. I keep getting killed running along the side of the large pipes,
   or I get shot several times. What do I do to avoid getting killed?
A. Run, and jab at the guards as soon as you meet them. (Or shoot'em!)

Q. How do I kill the guards in the watch towers who keep shooting me?
A. I've heard of people who have killed one, but it's better simply
   to run and dodge past them. Killing them requires the gas gun,
   and you would need to stand very close and be extremely lucky.

Q. What is the code for the control panel outside the security door?
A. This is randomized each game- so I cannot tell you. To find the
   code you need to visit all three guards rooms around the walkway.
   One bar is green- I thought the bar at 3 was zero- but it was not!
   Having moved the appropriate coloured bars to their positions,
   move your hand off the bottom of the screen to activate control.

Q. How do I kill the guards as I enter the large round chamber?
A. It is a good idea to shoot one, then kill the other by sword.

Q. I've reaching the Holding Cells. Do I go ahead and free the clan?
A. You don't want much advice do you? Yes of course you do- go on...

Q. I'm a sick personality. Can you kill any of the freed prisoners?
A. Nope, not as far as I can see. I suspect there is a secret here!

Q. What happens at the end?
A. You think I'm telling you everything? (You do, don't you...?)
   Lets just say that there is good reason for a Highlander II.

Q. What is the biggest tip for playing Highlander I Jaguar CD?
A. Buy a MemoryTrack (must have) and save VERY regularly. Try to 
   save each stage under a separate slot, but keep 4+5 slots for
   the last safe position and the current position respectively.

Q. How do I kill two or more guards when I meet them?
A. Never face more than one- back up to a narrow point where you can
   get them one at a time in sequence, or run past them to a position
   where you can turn and face them in the sequential manner described.
   The doorways of the guard turrets are of particular use this way.

Q. How do I kill the guards quickly using the sword only?
A. The best technique is to jab at them, sometimes swiping too.

Q. How do I avoid getting shot by the snipers I cannot kill?
A. Run, run while carrying the sword- the gun slows you up! The
   best thing to do is tap left/right while running. Don't weave,
   that slows you up- you just need to -TAP- left/right gently.

Q. How do I get some more ammunition for the gas gun?
A. You don't. You get some ammunition with the guns, and that
   is it. Do not rely on the gun. You need it really only once.

Q. Do I need to make a map when I am exploring the sewer rooms?
A. No, just remember each section is a large letter 'H' design.

Q. Do I need to carry everything I find like the various orders,
   and if I do does it slow me down, or is there a limit to them?
A. I've never found any use for the orders- but maybe there is one!
   There is no limit to what you carry, but it delays item selection.

Q. What do you know about Highlander II and III- and their release?
A. Regrettably nothing. The release of these titles is questionable.

Q. What secrets have been found?
A. The Temple of the Chicken God(!) is hidden in a canyon passage.

   Yep, remember when you had to run through the side canyon to
   avoid being killed by the tank- well, when you come out the 
   far side, and Quentin starts running towards you, head over
   to the right (left of the screen) behind a bolder and you will
   enter a secret passageway. Progress down it, and hey presto!

   Put the flower in the empty vase and you will activate the
   teleporter in the middle of the room. You will see that the 
   teleporter has views of various locations and when you walk
   into one of them you will be teleported there. There is NO
   way that has been found, however, of teleporting back to it!

   When you've put the flower in the vase you may find that you
   discover a RUBBER CHICKEN! Yes, you can wield this just like
   the sword, and even go out of the temple and attack guards...

   The temple is decorated with portraits and characatures of the
   people involved in the Highland project. Well worth visiting!
   (It seems exposure to Jaguar development kits is dangerous.)

Ken Beeby.              Helped me after I traded my own Highlander!
Chips (UK).             At Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UNITED KINGDOM.
Atari Corporation.      For releasing such a brilliant CD product!

This document originally originates from my Jaguar web site at:-
Please pay this site a visit, and give me some feedback on it!

Fin. (I'm getting MYST next- that needs no new FAQ- very popular!)

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