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Article #21 (25 is last):
From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Theme Park
Reply-To: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa778 - Fred Horvat)
Date: Sat Sep  7 18:37:49 1996


Ver. 1.02   10/21/95
   by David Jacksch (102226,3602)

  This cheat sheet is for people who have read the manual, and have played
the game.  If you need more research, better rides, or more funds, this file
is for you.

WARNING:  There are cheats and spoilers in this guide, which may make the
game too easy.  If you'd rather figure things out for yourself, read the Game
Manual instead.

  Set up your game with the Sim Level "SIM", Opponents "None".  Everything
else can be at the default setting.  Click the Check Mark.  Click on Great
Britain, Buy Land, Check Mark, Check Mark.  Press Option, hold the joypad
Left, to set -20 on Game Speed.  Press 3, or C/B (C then B), to get your
Paths Tool, and lay out your walkways.  Press 7, or C/DOWN/B, for ride
selection, then press 8, or C/DOWN/RIGHT/B, for shops.  Set up a couple of
rides and shops, then press 1, to Open The Park.
  Put at least one mechanic for every 3 rides, one handyman for every 3
shops, a couple of entertainers, and a couple of toilets.  Set Game Speed
back to "0" (normal), and you're in business!  And shut off that Advisor.
  Anytime you're changing things, set Game Speed back to -20.  If you have
game speed cranked way up, press and HOLD your selections, or the game may
just ignore you!

  You'll spend a lot of time "Tuning Up" rides & shops.  Go to the Entrance
of the ride or shop, and press 3, then click "?", to set the price (shops
have more items to adjust).  Press 3 on a ride, to turn it ON (some rides
shut OFF when you work on them!)
  Tune Up Menu for Rides:
    Green/Red Dot: Turn ride on/off
    Question Mark: Set Price & see info
    Person Icon: Set % of occupancy (if set halfway, a 4-
                          person ride holds 2 people).  A=decrease,
    Wrench Icon: Shows you when a ride will break (Fills with Red)
    Pocket Watch: Ride time.  Set this with A & B.
    Thrill Meter:  Set how exciting a ride is.  Use A/B.

  Point signs to rides & shops, to get the crowd moving.  Press
4/RIGHT/RIGHT/B for a "Sign Post".  Click the sign on the CENTER of a ride or
shop (it will turn RED for a Shop, WHITE for a Ride), then click on the PATH
where you want to put the sign.  
  Super Tip:  Click the sign at the BASE of the left or right entry shack,
and the sign will turn blue; place a few of these INSIDE the park, and they
point to the exit.  This gets Unhappy people out faster!

  Thug Tips:  Put 2 entertainers just inside the park, at the entrance, one
on the left, one on the right.  Put one guard next to each entertainer.  The
Thugs can't resist beating up the entertainers, and the guard will catch them
at it.  Then fire the entertainer, and hire a new one.  Fire employees with
3/RIGHT/B/UP/UP/UP/B.  Hire a new one with 0/B/B.

  Potty Time:  Put the pointer on the outhouse, and press 3, then click the
"?" to see how many people have used it.  Pick up a handyman, and drop him on
the outhouse, to get it cleaned.

  Entertainers give out umbrellas when it's raining.  At least Teddy Man,
Shark Man, and Squid Man do.

  Shops fit outside the park!  Even the Flight Simulator can be placed
outside the wall.
  Shops have backdoors!  Run your path around back, as CLOSE as you can get
to the back of a shop.  People will buy things at both entrances.  You'll see
them pop to the front door, facing the wrong way, when they're using the back

  Theme Park is full of bugs... graphic bugs, lockup bugs, bugs that make the
kids go nuts... or it rains forever... or... you get the idea.  Okay, YOU DO
have a little desk fan cooling the vents on your Jag, RIGHT?!  And, the
bottom vents aren't blocked by your shag carpet?  Good; the system can get
HOT, running a long game like this one.  Keep it cool, and it works better.
 Big Tip:  Never, ever put a Coffee Shop in your park (unless, of course,
you're trying to make Theme Park go LOONEY).
  Who cares about bugs, when you've got:
  Here's how to have all the money you need to start & run a park in any
country you choose:
  Start a theme park, using the money from your best saved game.  Operate the
park for 11 months (stay small).  You can leave it idle, and speed-up time.
 In December, SLOW time as much as you can.  Delete anything in the park.
 Now, buy Ghost Houses, and pack the place with them.  You can easily fit
160, if you plan ahead.  At the end of the year, SELL the park, and SAVE your
game.  If you filled the park, you just made 6 million or so.
   Repeat this process, until you have 30 million in a saved game, and you
could start a park in Japan!  The money is great for times when Theme Park
gets weird; you can get up & running quickly.
   Sure this takes a while to do, but it's worth it!


  You can MAX-OUT research.  Press 9/UP/B, for the Research Department.
 Click the left end of the Research Pump to fill it (to 9999), then click on
the Staff Training research vat, and set it to 9999.  You may want to set
game speed to +20.  After about 3 years, Staff Training is complete (all the
dots below the vat are filled in with white).  One month later... EVERY SHOP
is available for your selection!!
  Oh, you say you want ALL THE RIDES?!  Instead of full Staff Training,
max-out the New Shop Designs research vat.  One month after research is full,
you have all rides available! 

  Here's the keypad layout:

      1          2          3
  open/close    quit     tune-up

      4          5          6
    paths      lines       bank

      7          8          9
    rides      shops      status

      *          0          #
   features    staff       map

  Let me know if you have more tips & cheats on this, or other Jag games.  I
plan to build on this file, to make it less "incomplete"  :)

Novell DOS 7.0 and IBM OS/2 user             Fred Horvat
Atari TT030 / MagiC 4.0 + Ease 4.0           Free-Net Atari Portfolio Sigop
                                             Atari Classic/LYNX/Jaguar gamer

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