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From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Club Drive Tips
Reply-To: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa778 - Fred Horvat)
Date: Sat Sep 14 16:49:03 1996

Dave's Notebook for "Club Drive"  September 4, 1995
by David Jacksch  102226,3602  (

  Club Drive for the Atari Jaguar is my all-time favorite "Jag" game.  There
are many things to discover in this game (including HOW to drive), so I've
combined my notes.  Some of the things in this file have never been told to
another person; guard them well, particularly the 2-player tricks.  You'll
be running rings around your opponent, with a little practice.

  HOW TO DRIVE:  Avoid 2-player RACE options, they are too "gummy".  The
best part of Club Drive is 2-player Tag and Powerball.  You can learn to
drive in 1-player Race.  Pick Jerome's Pad, and a car tha NOT red (so
you can SEE it on the map).  Use FAST engines.  When you steer, use the
DOWN-diagonals (down-left & down-right) almost exclusively; they give you
nice tight turns.  Use Camera 7 for most driving, and Camera 8 for stunts.
If you drive up to a wall, PUSH 1 (stabilize), then C (reverse).  You can
drive off a wall by pushing A (accelerate), and holding a tight turn, but
it takes longer.  Push Stabilize during a fall to lower yourself to the 
floor without flipping.  USE the map, to keep track of your location.  
Remember, you are driving Radio-control cars, maybe 8" long; the physics 
for them is just about perfect --- except that they are self-righting; They 
don't stay upside-down.  And, their batteries don't go dead...

    Tag:  Time: 180 Seconds   Options: Engines Noisy, Speed Fast
    Powerball:  10-20 Powerballs   Options: Same as above
       4 - For backing up
       5 - For learning, mainly
       6 - Stunts, driving into camera, jumping camera
       7 - Use most of the time
       8 - Stunts, great for "jumps"
       9 - Stunts, Overview (best in Velocity Park)

    Car Colors:
       Jerome's Pad:  Bl/Yl/Bl/Lt.Bl/Gn
       San Francisco:  Rd/Bl/Gn/Yl
       Velocity Park:  Yl/Rd/Bl/Gn
       The Old West:  Bl/Gn/Rd/Yl
       Todd's World:  Rd/Bl/Lt.Bl/Gn/Yl

    Debug:  During play, Press 8 & 6 together; this give you camera 6 & 9 in Race mode!   
    Todd's World:  At the World Selection Screen, press both 4 & 2 at the same time.  This lets you select "???", the se
cret world!

    Important:  When entering a speed record, DON'T push a button til you're all done entering your initials!

    Head-Start:  When playing against a rookie, give them a head-start.  In Tag, if Blue and Yellow are competing (for i
nstance), let Blue's timer go to 1:00 before Yellow starts moving.  This gives Blue a 1-minute advantage.  In Powerball,
 let Blue get a few Powerballs, before Yellow begins.  You can create some very close competitions this way.

    Old West Race Super-Shortcut:  1-player Race is great for exploration, and going for best time.  At the fork, go Nor
th (first Right - green mountains).  At the first tunnel, go South (uphill - hang a Left).  Drive to flashing tunnel ent
rance.  Drive along the Atari Headquarters, go through the flashing orange Tunnel Entrance.  Head West (straight ahead),
 to the finish line.  Turn around, head East.  Go Straight ahead toward the center of the map.  Drive through the first 
Tunnel on the right (go South).

  Look for the Gray Tunnel Entrance on the (right); go through it.  Drive past the T-Rex, to the Flashing Gray Tunnel En
trance, straight ahead.  Drive straight to the finish line.  This trip takes less than 2 minutes!

    Castle:  Jerome's Pad Race (1-player, of course).  Ground floor, face the fireplace, back up a ways.  Floor It, driv
ing straight at the fireplace, go thru the fire.  Go up the Drawbridge, drive thru the flashing tunnel entrance, on the 
center tower.  Try Camera 8 while "transporting" through the tunnel entrance, for a cool "zoom" effect.

    Stunt Show:  Velocity Park Powerball, Camera 9, 2-players.  Drive for best Flips, Spins, Jumps, Mid-Air Collisions.

    Noisy Race Rally:  In Jerome's Pad 1-player Race, drive for a sequence of SOUNDS.  Try creak, meow, flush, creak, sq
ueak, meow, alright.  Come up with your own sequence.
    Blind Tag:  Hook your Jag to 2 TV sets (get an antenna splitter).  Place  the sets back-to-back.  Cover the map area
 on one or BOTH sets (rookies may need their map visible), using a piece of cardboard.  Cover the opponent cars' viewscr
eens (you only see out your own windshield).  Pick car colors that blend into the background.    

    Tag Super-Secrets:  Don't tell ANYONE --- you're gonna knock the socks off your opponent, and they won't know what h
it'em!!  During Tag, press REWIND briefly, to zip BACKWARD quick.  Use it carefully, since it also rewinds your time.  I
n Jerome's Pad, right after you "land", press Rewind to lift right back off the floor; when "IT" drives past, drop back 
to the floor, and take off!  Try driving off the Table, then hit Rewind to jump right back up there.  When you are "IT",
 Rewind is a cool way to TAG so

mebody who's following you.
        In the Old West, drive up to the NW tunnel (see the map), wait for "IT", drive straight thru SLOWLY, then immedi
ately brake & back up a bit.  You are now facing the NE tunnel entrance, your opponent will exit at the SW corner!  You 
can then drive thru the NE tunnel, and you're BEHIND "IT".             Drive to the top of a mountain (or just to the ot
her side), and HOLD Stabilize, to stay there.
        Let's go to the BEACH!  Face West, at the SW corner of the map (aim at the pass, to the left of the SW tunnel en
trance).  Drive up & over the mountains.  As soon as you get over the top, hold Stabilize, to drop behind the mountain, 
onto the beach.  Hide there as long as you like; you can see through the back side of the mountain, but "IT" can't see y
ou!!  Press "9" and you see only mountains, and your frustrated opponent.  Just drive toward the buildings, to get back.
  Practice this one well!  You 

can win the game with this trick.

    If you find other fun things in Club Drive, I'd be glad to hear from you.  
Novell DOS 7.0 and IBM OS/2 user             Fred Horvat
Atari TT030 / MagiC 4.0 + Ease 4.0           Free-Net Atari Portfolio Sigop
                                             Atari Classic/LYNX/Jaguar gamer

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