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From: pjc5@po.CWRU.Edu (Philip J. Croy)
Subject: JAGUAR:  Raiden
Reply-To: pjc5@po.CWRU.Edu (Philip J. Croy)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa399 - Len Stys)
Date: Thu Mar 10 17:33:02 1994

Just a few added hints:

        At the end of the second level: the big plane, I would suggest
using bombs and hiding in the blast,(You can't get shot there).  The plane
has no easy pattern to master and the dive bombers it drops out are a pain.

        LEVEL 3:  After you kill the big boat go all the way to the left
and shoot the tower hanging out over the water.  It reveals an extra life
(Always handy)

        LEVEL 4:  The big tank with an out runner on each side.  This one
is easy, (If you are using spread or have laser at least two wide).
As you come up to it quickly destroy the outrunner on the left, they are
easy to kill.  Then pull all the way to the bottom of the screen and
position yourself just to the left of center on the big tank.  If you are
positioned right your nose should line up with the right hand bullet shaped
like an oval that tumbles, (YOu can shoot these).  Unless you have single
wide lasers which won't alow you to shoot the left hand tumble bullet (They
come in pairs) you can just sit there and never get hit.  DOn't panic and
don't move, even when the tank starts to shoot a spread you can be in the
perfect spot that it will just miss you.  It may take some time to find
this spot but once you do it is easy to find back.  (BTW if you have
standard missles you can survive with only single wide laser).

In most cases flying at the very bottom of the screen is to your best
advantage.  This is not true at the end of stage six, where asteroids fly
up your butt.  And is also not true during stage six in two different
places where large plnaes enter from the bottom of the screen.

Once you finish level 8 you get to start all over again, the only
difference being that the enemies seem to target you better.

BTW  I disagree with the hint about the final tank, I have found that if
you bomb the tank as it is getting armor placed on it you can significantly
damage the underlying layers of armor.  Still haven't figured out a good
way to beat this one without losing 5 or 6 lives.


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