7800 Cartridge Info

Cartridge pinout

1R/W0 = Write/1 = Read32CLK2Phi 2 buffered clock from CPU
2HaltHalts the CPU31IRQIRQ to the CPU
3D3 30GND 
4D4 29D2 
5D5 28D1 
6D6 27D0 
7D7 26A0 
8A12 25A1 
9A10 24A2 
10A11 23A3 
11A9 22A4 
12A8 21A5 
13+5V 20A6 
14GND 19A7 
15A13 18EAudioAudio from the cart
16A14 17A15 

Pins 3-14 and 19-30 are identical to the Atari 2600 and allow the 7800 to utilize existing 2600 cartridges. The remaining pins are 7800 specific pins.

Atari cartridge boards

C024926 - simple rom board

Board layout in postscript (10 KB ZIP). EPROM modified board layout in postscript (12 KB ZIP).
BS - partside, LS - solder side, P - part info

Centipede CX7801, C300048-001A 
DigDug CX7803, C300048-003A
Ms. Pac Man CX7807, C300038-007A
Pole Position II CX7808, CO28408-01
Xevious CX7810, C028410A-38
Joust CX7806, C300049-006A (resistor in series with +5v)
Robotron CX7809, C300049-009A (resistor in series with +5v)

Pole Position II CX7808, early releases

Karateka CX7822

C026461 - POKEY board, 3 jumpers, Ballblazer only
Ballblazer CX7815, C300049-015A-01, jumpers: 1-2, 1-2, on

C100339 - Supercart, 8 jumpers
U1 - main rom
U2 - 74LS02
U3 - 74LS10
U4 - secondary rom/RAM
U5 - 74LS374

W2 & W6 & W7 - mutually exclusive
W2 - read only rom in 8000-FFFF area, /CS low
W6 - read only rom in 8000-FFFF area, CS high
W7 - linear rom in 4000-FFFF area, /CS low

W3 & 74LS10 mutually exclusive
W3 - additional ROM in 4000-7FFFF area, CS high

W4 & W5 - mutually exclusive
W4 - 64k or smaller rom. Pin 22 is /OE connected to /CS
W5 - 128k rom. Pin 22 is A16 from Q7

W1 & W8 are connected when not using bankswitching

Real Sports Baseball CX7834, C300514-034A, jumpers: 01000000, no ram
Donkey Kong CX7848, C300050-048A, jumpers: 10010011, just U2
Donkey Kong Junior CX7849, C300050-049A, jumpers: 10010011, just U2
Hat Trick CX7829, C300050-029A, jumpers: 11010011, just U2
Crossbow CX7844, C300048-044A/C300051-044B, jumpers: 01001000, all chips

C301105 - POKEY board, Commando only
Commando CX7838

C300565 - Supercart, 6 jumpers, space for RAM

W1 & W2 - mutually exclusive
W1 - using linear, non banked rom
W2 - bankswitched rom

W3 & W4 - mutually exclusive
W3 - using 128kb rom (pin 22 is A16)
W4 - using smaller rom (pin 22 is /OE, connected to /CS)

W5 & W6 - connected when not using bankswitching

Donkey Kong CX7848, C300050-048A, jumpers: 100111, just U2
Barnyard Blaster CX7859, C300051-059A, jumpers: 011000
Crack'ed CX7836, C300051-036A, jumpers: 011000
Dark Chambers CX7837, C300051-037B, jumpers: 011000
Jinks CX7857, C300051-057A, jumpers: 011000, RAM
Tower Toppler CX7856, C300050-056A, jumpers: 010100, RAM
Winter Games CX7831, C300051-031A, jumpers: 011000, RAM

Alien Brigade CX7855, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Barnyard Blaster CX7859, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Crossbow CX7844, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Desert Falcon CX7811, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Donkey Kong CX7848, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Donkey Kong Jr. CX7849, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Food Fight CX7804, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Galaga CX7805, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Hat Trick CX7829, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Joust CX7806, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Mario Bros. CX7850, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
One On One CX7824, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Super Huey CX7828, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Xevious CX7858, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????
Impossible Mission CX7857, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????, RAM
Jinks CX7857, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????, RAM
Tower Toppler CX7856, PAL ?, jumpers: ??????, RAM

C300595 - Small supercart, no jumpers, no RAM
Mat Mania Challenge CX7863, C300051-063A
Midnight Mutants CX7889, C300051-089A
Ninja Golf CX7870, C300051-070A
Scrapyard Dog CX7879, C300051-079A
Xenophobe CX7858, PAL C300712-058A


Board layout in postscript (25 KB ZIP)

Karateka CX7822, PAL

Guessed ROM sizes:
C300048 - 16k
C300049 - 32k
C300050 - 64k
C300051 -128k

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