Selects cartridge banks, hw chips, osrom, BASIC rom. In older machines had no Atari number, was PAL16L8.

Catalogue numbers

CO60609 (1200/1400)
CO61618 (XL/XE)
C101686 (XEGS) = 16L8

Pinout (CO61618)

/MAPIN from PB7 - low selftest on, hi selftest off
RD4IN from cartridge port
RD5IN from cartridge port
RENIN from PB0 - low OS off, hi OS on
/REFIN refresh
/S5OUT cart bank select
/BASICOUT basic rom chip select
/OSOUT OS rom chip select
/CIOUT CAS inhibit
/IOOUT goes to 74LS138, selects hw chips (Y0 - GTIA, Y2 - POKEY, Y3 - PIA, Y5 - CCTL)
/BEIN from PB1 - low BASIC in, hi BASIC out
/S4OUT cart bank select
Here is PAL (2 KB SRC) source by Bob Woolley and GAL (0 KB SRC) source from Erhard Puetz. I didn't check them for correctness (which means nothing... :) . Back (c) 1998-2004 Jindroush Last modified: Mon Jun 3 22:49:10 2002