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Atarimax "MyIDE+Flash" Cartridge

IDE Interface System for Atari 8-bit Computers with Flash BIOS - 08/20/2006

©2006 Steven J Tucker


Please Note:

The "MyIDE+Flash" has been supersceded by the new MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge.

Both the "MyIDE+Flash" and "MyIDE Internal Upgrade" kits are still available for purchase while supplies last.


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Chapter 3: Creating a Custom Boot Flash

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Custom Boot Flash


Creating a customized boot flash for your MyIDE+Flash cartridge is supported by the Atarimax Maxflash cartridge building scripts.

This capability allows you to modify or replace the MyIDE BIOS with any version, as well as add or remove your own quick access programs from the built in flash multicart portion of the cartridge.

The multi-cart portion of your cartridge is what you see when you press the joystick fire button at the MyIDE boot menu.

You can add Atari EXE, COM and XEX programs to this portion of the menu for quick access without having to boot your hard disk system.

Creating a custom boot flash requires in depth use of the Maxflash cartridge building scripts. Before attempting this procedure you MUST follow the directions for installation of the Maxflash software kit in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of Maxflash Cartridge documentation.

Basic instructions for using the kit are NOT duplicated here.

Creating a Custom Boot Flash

Maxflash usage for MyIDE+Flash cartridge.

Creating a flash cartridge boot rom for the MyIDE+Flash cartridge is exactly the same as the procedure shown in the Maxflash documentation with the following exceptions:

After generation of your custom MyIDE+Flash programming image you will have a new ATR disk image that can be booted in order to flash your cartridge.

Follow the directions for using this image in Chapter 2 of the MyIDE+Flash documentation.


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