What's New in APE 1.17

See the Ape Users Manual for a complete description of all new features.

What's New in APE 1.16

What's New in APE 1.15

  • When a DOS shell is launched (Key !),
    APE will now try and swap itself out to EMS or disk.
  • Free's up about 300k of memory for shell usage.
  • New Config Opt: Default swap method.
    • EMS
    • DISK
    • NEVER

  • Various Screen Update Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed READ-ONLY File Problem w/ PC-MIRROR
  • New Printer Options
    • Print to file now supported
    • Print to any printer port supported
    • Turn off printer (allows real Atari printer to talk)
    • Print to file supports APPEND or OVERWRITE
    • (Next version will support multiple emulated printers e.g. P2,etc)
  • New Config Opt: Disable Happy/Syncromesh Detect
  • Patch available for Spartados X 4.20 for Ape Warp+ (request)
  • Added HARD Write protect, acts like a real drive (error returned).
  • New Config Opt: Hard/Soft Write Protect (Soft allows old method)

  • APELOADER Software Created
  • APELOADER Added via direct boot from PC-MIRROR drive.
  • (see Ape User's Manual for all the features!)
  • APELOADER updated to run even broken EXE files
  • APELOADER menu updated, allow base address switch from Atari keyboard
  • New Config Opt: Default APELOADER base address

  • Full support for .CAS digital cassette images added (key Y)
  • (see Ape User's Manual for all the features!)

  • New PC modem configuration interface
  • New configuration manager interface